Abandon silence on Uighur Muslims: Popular Front

Popular Front of India Chairman E Abubacker has urged world leaders, human rights organizations, and world Muslim community to abandon their silence on the injustice and gross human rights violations being committed by the Chinese government against Turkic Muslims and other ethnic minorities in China.

Shocking reports have been emerging from China of systematic attempts by the government for ethnic cleansing of Muslim minority communities, especially the Uighur Muslims, from East Turkistan. People are led to live a life that is completely devoid of their liberties. They are sent to concentration camps if they are found to be involved in anything that is remotely religious like greeting Salam, abstaining from alcohol or even speaking their mother tongue. Nearly two million people are reported to be detained in such camps that are reminiscent of Nazi concentration camps. In these camps which Chinese government advertises as ‘Vocational Training Centers’, detainees undergo inhuman torture during the interrogations and are subjected to brutal indoctrination tactics. Information regarding the inmates is not allowed to the media and even to their own family members, and after death, bodies of the inmates are not sent home.

Bowing to Chinese pressure, the world leaders including leaders of neighboring Muslim countries are largely silent on the issue. When it comes to the issue of torturing Uighur Muslims, the US and their western allies are reluctant to impose any sanctions against China. It is ironical that Pakistan which is always vocal on issues of Muslims in some other countries are maintaining a criminal silence on this issue in order to appease the Chinese government, one of its strategic allies. Popular Front Chairman called upon all people across the world who respect human rights and freedom to condemn Chinese government’s inhuman treatment of minorities and to demand their respective governments to put pressure on China to end the shameful oppression. He also questioned the silence on the part of civil liberties movements and political left in India when it comes to the matter of exposing Chinese government.