Popular Front expresses misery at destruction of earthquake in Nepal & North India.

Mr. K.M Shareef Chairman Popular Front of India expresses its deep misery at the overwhelming impact of the earthquake in Nepal with even the areas in India such as Bihar, eastern UP and the northeast having suffered big damage, the quake has caused heavy loss of life and property. He extends its condolences to the families of the hundreds who were reportedly killed in the earthquake.

The popular front of India stands in solidarity with the Nepalese people in this time of calamity. Many parts of India have also been affected by the quake. Reports have come more than 700 people have died in a powerful earthquake that struck Nepal, and many are still feared to be trapped under rubble, officials and many people having died in Bihar, UP and West Bengal and damage in many other states. The Central Government must rush help to all the affected areas in India.

Chairman Mr. K.M Shareef calls upon the Central Government to immediately provide all necessary assistance in Bihar, U.P and in all effected states.

Mohammed Arif Ahmed

PRO, Popular Front,

Headquarters, New Delhi

Mobile: 9711115838

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