Pappu Pass hogaya and Feku fail hogaya – A political view

The largest entertainments of Indian peoples are politics and its most important part is election. By the time passed over n years the election politics changes its faces. Elections were fought in those days in the streets as well as ground and nowadays election are fighting on the TV and mobile. Before people listened speeches and now they comments. People chant slogans, look the posters and now they are creating slogans as well as posters. People got influenced by the parliamentarian and utter his words but now they took the help of social media in the house. Really people have literally changed the era.

There were no students of politics in India, even not knowing “Pappu and Feku”. There is new twist in the story after Mr. Rahul’s recently speech in the Parliament. Before understands this we have to listen the story first.

Pappu and Feku entered the school together. The question before the administration was who will be the class monitor. They brought them in the ground, Feku succeeded in the ground as Pappu is not satisfying with the performance and hence Feku becomes monitor. Feku was not interested in study as he prefers in ground but Pappu studied hard. Therefore Pappu passed in the exam and Feku fails.

When Mr. Narendra Modi is CM of Gujrat, his performance was not significantly surprised except elevating and removal of Mrs. Kondnani and Mr. Shah. Mr. Modi has elevated Mrs. Kondnani as minister of child welfare and Mr. Shah as home minister as both were faces serious charges against them. Later drops those as courts ordered.

After Mr. Modi become prime minister, he didn’t put his vision to the public or in the house. He visited the state only on election time and twice in his constituencies. Most of the time he visited abroad where he signs the accords which were prepares during the UPA government and he loves to criticize the past government.

Mr. Modi shocks when congress declared the support for kissan rally for the protest of land bill and Mr. Rahul in full action at the time when the budget session 2 begins. He hurriedly arranged the training session for his party MP to counter attack. Mr. Modi revealed to them that his government is for poor not for rich and asked them to convince to the public. The question is, if indeed it is the government of poor then why need to tell them? Public should realize automatically.

People standing in the sun and someone will make shades for them, people don’t aware of this. It’s not possible but if you trying to convince them without making shades that you are under the shade, it is impossible for the people to realize. Therefore Modi should make shades first even it is saffron, public will realize automatically otherwise if bastions of Mr. Modi simply follow his advise then public will sent them to mental hospital (pagal khane).

There is no political will to make welfare for the people that are what people also knows, but still they can expect from the government to do some welfare works for them. If the government fails to do the minimum welfare works to satisfy the conscience of the people then they will slip like pendulum to the other side.

Recently Mr. Nitin Gadkari’s statements that “no one can help farmers neither Bhagwan nor government”, showing the evidence that how sensitive is the government. Even in Maharashtra where 601 farmers were committed suicides in last 3 months. This is not the case that only farmers were angry from the government but the corporate world also found serious concerns regarding the government. Sensex falls more than 556 points at the first day of budget session and 1160 in the last 4days, shows the evidence that corporate sector also slipping from the Modi’s side.

Mr. Modi is so adept politician, how he ignored 60% farmers and labors for handful capitalists. If this 60% people will turn blind from him then it will cost him. Hence the popularity of Modi was decreasing day by day like ‘Na Khuda hi mila Na visal e sanam’.

This is the nature’s cycle that sails the boat of saffron brigade before, now tends the situation to sink.

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