Extra judicial killings illustrates impiety by Police on the judicial system

The Telangana State Police and its counterpart Andhra Pradesh State police have gunned downed 25 people in 3 different staged encounters killings on 7th April In both of these cases the story of the police resembles something kind of a movie’s action scene script.
All these encounters have clear evidence to believe that these are well planned and not a sudden reaction.

The Constitution of India has well classified the roles of judiciary and executive. The police department has entrusted with the responsibility to maintain law and order in the society and bring the suspected law offenders before the judiciary. The judiciaries have the right to interprets and apply the law and punish
the law offenders. But the raising of the extra judicial killings illustrates that the police department no longer has belief in the court of law and working against the principals of the Constitution.

Popular Front of India believes that the five under trial prisoners who were unarmed, in handcuffs and under heavy escort were shot dead by the police as revenge killing and the Seshachalam killings were not the result of the STF resorting to the firing in the face of a serious threat to them from red -sanders smugglers but because the police shot to kill without sufficient threat. We recall that last year the STF shot dead 11 persons (5 in Kadapa district and 6 in Chittoor district) in several fake encounters in the Seshachalam forest. In all those cases they took the extrajudicial option even though in most of them they could have easily apprehended those who were cutting down the red-sanders.

We demands the government of TS and AP that the police personnel who participated in the alleged encounters on the Warangal
-Nalgonda border in Telangana and the Seshachalam forest near Tirupati in Chittoor district of AP resulting in the death of 25 persons be booked under IPC 302 (murder) and other appropriate sections and criminally prosecuted. The criminal investigation into both the cases must be handed over to the CBI or a judicial enquiry by a high court sitting judge should be ordered. Forming of an SIT with heads of the police department will turnout helping the police personals only.

Syed Moinuddin
State Ad-hoc Committee
Popular Front Of India
Telangana State.

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