New revelations indicate what hindutva fascists going to do with power: Popular Front

Press Release

New Delhi: In a statement released today OMA Salam National General Secretary of Popular Front of India told that the latest revelations are clear indicators on what BJP-RSS led Hindutva forces are going to do with power in their hands. He also called for an investigation into the top level conspiracy to demolish Babri Masjid in light of new revelations.

This is the right time for the whole nation to recognize the most dangerous anti-national forces working against the integrity and even existence of our country. The demolition of Babari Masjid was only one of the inhumane actions of communal fascist forces to open roads towards political power. They proved that they will not hesitate to adopt any inhuman or anti-national steps in the way to monger power. Salam requested all the citizens of India to ensure the defeat of BJP led communal ally in the coming polls.

The revelations only strengthened the doubt already expressed by many impartial people that the demotion could not happen without the knowledge of the government. The latest findings explain why the then Narasimha Rao government did not do anything to stop when thousands of people with weeks of preparations attacked a place of worship and killed hundreds of innocents through the country. These incidents which still remain as a bleeding wound in history of our country could have been easily avoided if the government acted responsibly.

The present statements of Congress leaders against the role of BJP are purely politically motivated. Congress has yet to prove their commitment towards fraternity and secularism through strict actions.

For Justice to prevail, it is vital that truth to be brought out and Babri Masjid to be rebuilt on the same place. Popular Front also demanded the arrest the Hidutwa leaders who led the demolition in the light of this revelations.

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