Campus front vehemently condemn VK Malhotra’s communal statement

Campus Front of India vehemently condemns the arrests and detainment of the students belonging to a particular community carried out by Delhi Police Special Cell from various parts of North India in the name of operatives of the fake organization called Indian Mujahideen (IM). We believe that these arrests are the part of a larger conspiracy hatched by different political parties in the context of upcoming Lok Sabha election.

Both the mainstream political parties are trying to create fear among the minds of minority people and communally polarize the country on religious lines to gain few votes. We condemn such acts in strongest terms and we demand the innocent students to be released immediately. While it is too early to say, but going by the past we suspect that the police may indict them in draconian laws like UAPA which kills any possibility of the justice. We demand government not to put the student’s life in jeopardy.

We are glad that the students from Jamianagar were released on the same day. We demand to release innocent students from Rajasthan and UP also.

It is real shameful that every single media reported the arrest showing these students as terrorists in front page news, and when the students were released the media chose to remain mum.

Our rulling party is again going on its soft hindutva policy and trying to show its hard stand against terrorism but we should not forget its unconstitutional decisions and illogical statements delivered by this party to create terror among the minds of minorities.

We warn and we are sure that this backstabbing gesture by congress will prove final nail in Congress dynasty’s (mis)rule. BJP on the other hand has tried to do what it does for votes, divide people on the basis on communal lines. By terming Jamia Nagar as a nursery for terrorists BJP has insulted our Legal Order as both of the students who were illegally picked were found innocent and released immediately.

Jamia Nagar is a educational hub and a nursery of intellectuals, many of whom are serving this nation better than BJP’s pseudo-nationalist goons. It’s clear that BJP’s official post-holders in Delhi are lacking knowledge about Jamia Nagar exactly like it’s Prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi’s knowledge of the history of our nation.

We want to remind that Jamia Millia students led the fight of independence from the front, in which the SanghParivar had no participation. We feel that this inferiority complex is what compels BJP to cry foul on Jamia Millia Islamia (in guise of jamia nagar) and Aligarh Muslim University.

Furthermore the Gujarat ATS arresting the Hyderabad cleric Maulana Abdul Qavi is a sign that BJP can not shed it’s fascist ideology which is very dangerous for secular ethos of our country. We condemn the arrest and demand immediate release of the innocent Muslims.

We appeal to the People of India to see this game of the national parties who are making scapegoat of students of minority community in the name of a fake organization to gain political favors. We appeal to the people of India to come forward and save secular democratic ethos of India.

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