Chairman appealed the people of Assam to bring secular forces to power

Guwahati: Popular Front Chairman K.M. Sheriff conducted a Press Meet at Dispur Press Club, Guwahati, on March 16,2016, as the part of his Assam visit in connection with the upcoming Assam Assembly election. He appealed the people of Assam to defeat BJP and to bring secular forces in power.

The forthcoming Legislative Assembly elections to be held during April- May in Assam, West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Pudussery provides occasion for the people of the respective states to decide their new state government. But an election held in any Indian state also addresses the national issues. And the results will have an impact on national politics as well. Among the above states where elections are being held, Assam has more national significance because of the fact that BJP which is running the central government has hopes only in Assam. In other states, their presence is nominal.

The slogans being used by NDA government such as Sab ka Vikas, Ache Din, Make in India etc. have been proved to be gimmicks to cover up their real agenda of serving corporate capitalism and fanatic fascism. Hence Popular Front of India calls upon all secular political parties to consolidate the people’s mandate against anti-people BJP and its allies in the forthcoming assembly elections. The common secular spirit the nation has witnessed recently in various agitations against the communal policies of the central government has to be accomplished in electoral fronts also. It is the responsibility of all people’s movements and non-BJP parties to give a befitting electoral lesson to divisive Hindutva politics by not allowing BJP to win any seats due to division of secular votes as happened in the last Lok Sabha elections. The state of Bihar has set a successful model in this Secular vs. Communal fight in the Assembly Elections held there recently.

In Assam, we find the alliance attempts of BJP gaining success, whereas the Congress and AIUDF which cannot compromise with BJP have directed guns against each other. It seems that the possibility of BJP gaining seats due the division of secular and minority votes is not given due attention. Popular Front of India requests all movements of depressed social and minority communities not to allow the division of anti-BJP votes in constituencies where BJP alliance has even remote winning chances. So long as political wisdom is not shown by pro-secular and pro-minority parties, the only option left before people is to support the non-BJP candidate who has more winning chance in a particular constituency. We hope that the peace loving and patriotic people of Assam who have kept BJP out of power continuously for 15 years shall repeat the history in a more glittering manner by reducing their number of seats in the new Legislative Assembly.

We observe that security and development are the major issues faced by depressed classes and minority communities in Assam. They remain more backward and even their citizenship right is being challenged in the name of D-Voters. In fact, it is a serious violation linguistic minority rights. The IM(D)T Act has to be brought back for solving this citizenship issue. We urge all political parties to include the demand for re-instating IM(D)T Act in their Election Manifesto. Popular Front of India also calls upon the people to watch the stand taken by contesting parties and candidates in these matters, while exercising their democratic right of adult franchise.

Those who Attends the Media Conference are K M Shareef, Chairman, E M Abdul Rahiman, Vice Chairman,Adv. Muhammad Yusuf, Member, NEC,Mehboob Alam Nadvi, Secretary, North-East Zone, Ameenul Haq, President, Assam state, Abu Shama Ahmed, Secretary, Assam state.

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