Seminar in Rajasthan expresses concern over growing repression of dissent; demands revoking of ban on Popular Front in Jharkhand.

Today, (16 March 2018), Sanyukt Sangharsh Morcha organized a seminar at Vinoba Bhawan, Jaipur, which was attended by representatives of different social and political organizations. The participants expressed their views on the current situation in the state and in the country in general. They expressed their concern over ongoing repression and demonization of dissent by the BJP government using government agencies.
Fundamental rights such as freedom of speech and right to assembly guaranteed by the constitution are denied. A state of undeclared emergency and an atmosphere of fear are being created in the country. The incidents which took place throughout the country in past months prove that the democracy is in danger and fascism is growing day by day.
Speakers called upon all secular forces have to join hands together and put up strong resistance to the trend.
Following resolutions were passed with unanimous consent in the seminar:
1. Popular Front of India is a social organization, which has done remarkable works in different spheres of life including education and public health. So the ban imposed on it by the Jharkhand government is unconstitutional and undemocratic. It is demanded that Jharkhand government withdraw the ban from Popular Front of India immediately.
2. Strongly denounce the demolition of statues of Lenin, Periyar, B.R. Ambedkar and Mahatma Gandhi, after BJP won elections in North-East. We also demand the government to ensure that such incidents will never happen again.
3. The way the administration cancelled permission under the pressure of communal forces for various organizations to hold programmes in recent days is condemnable and it is also an attack on right to assemble given by the constitution.
4. Condemn the atrocities on Dalits, Muslims and farmers in Alwar and other parts of the state and demand the government to ensure fair investigations to these incidents and to take immediate action.

Various social, political and human rights organization’s leaders participate in this seminar. Specially Mohammed Asif (State President, Popular Front of India, Rajasthan), Nazimuddin sab. (General Secretary, Jamat-E-Islam Hind Rajasthan), Yasmeen farooqie (Member of AIMPLB & Convener, WIM), T.C. Rahul (President, Bodh Mahasabha), Sawai Singh (President, Samgra Seva Sangh), Professor Rajiv Gupta (President, Union of Progressive Writer), Prem Krishna Sharma(Ex. President, P.U.C.L), Sumitra Chopra(Secretary, C.P.M.), Sardar Gurucharan Singh Mod (General Secretary, Kisaan Sabha), Abdul Latif Arco (President, Dalit Muslim Ekta Manch), Sahibe Alam (President, Rashtriya Muslim Maha Sabha), Mehrunnisa Khan (Vice President, N.C.H.R.O) etc.

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