Popular Front hails Delhi High Court ruling on Priya Pillai’s travel ban

New Delhi 13/03/2015 : Popular Front of India chairman KM Shareef welcomed the land mark ruling of Delhi High Court which quashed the lookout notice issued by Intelligence Bureau against Green Peace activist Priya Pillai. The HC ruling is a blow to the current government moves in favor of the rich and corporates in the name of development and its attempts to silence genuine initiatives, terming them as anti-nationals.

Chairman said that it is a relief to the rights activists and environmentalists across the country that the court rightly directed the government to remove her name from a database of individuals barred from leaving the country.

It is noteworthy that court rightly pointed out one cannot be called anti-national for holding an opinion against government policies. The ruling should be taken as a timely warning against the growing intolerance from the authorities towards the voices of dissent and the tendency to use force even against genuine popular protests. KM Shareef further stated that it is indeed a ruling that strengthens Indian judiciary.

With regards
Muhammed Arif
PRO, Headquarters,
Popular Front of India, New Delhi

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