Popular Front demands withdrawal of Land Acquisition Bill

New Delhi: Popular Front chairman KM Shareef in a statement issued here today demanded the central government to withdraw the Land Acquisition Amendment Bill.

The bill now presented in Lok Sabha will replace the ordinance promulgated by the government in December last year, which had brought changes in the earlier bill passed in 2013 by the UPA government.

K M Shareef said that the proposed amendments are going to affect the lives of crores of farmers in our country. The prime objection to the land acquisition ordinance is that it removed the need for written consent from 70% of landowners for joint public-private projects.

The only beneficiaries of the bill are the corporate who want to plunder our resources. The BJP led government is proving over and over again that they don’t share the sentiments of the majority of people. Instead, their only concern is the ultra rich minority capitalists in our country and their foreign counter parts. K M Shareef urged the people of the country to come forward for protecting land rights and lives of farmers across the nation.

Riyas. P.P
Popular Front of India, New Delhi

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