Court directs police to give permission for Popular Front rally

Popular Front of India requested permission from the police to conduct rally and public meetings at Chennai and Dindugal of February 17 on account of Popular Front Day. But the permission was denied by the police on February 14.

Popular Front approached the court on February 16. But the court based on various false accusations given by the police, discharged the petition on February 17. Popular Front of India made an appeal at the Chennai High Court seeking justice. The case came for hearing before the bench of Justice Agnihotri and Justice Venugopal. The Bench directed the police to give permission to the rally and public meeting.

Popular Front which has achieved justice with the help of the Almighty has decided to conduct the rally and public meeting at Chennai on March 14 and at Dindugal on March 15. We request the public, social activists and journalists to participate in these programs that are to be held with the slogan ‘United for democracy’.


M. Mohamed Shaik Ansari

State General Secretary

Popular Front of India

Tamil Nadu



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