Protest by SDPI against sinister plan of divisive forces

Mahatma Gandhi, fondly called as the Father of the Nation was assassinated by Nathuram Godse, a member of Hindu Maha Sabha on January 30, 1948. This incident is referred as the first terrorist act of independent India. This was not an act of an individual, but had the blessings of the leaders of Sangh Parivar. Its to be noted that VD Savarkar, one of the leaders of the fascist Hindutuva group was also an accused in this case.

But now it seems that the Hindutuva forces have gained moral strength after the victory of BJP in the parliamentary elections. The divisive and communal agenda of the Sangh Parivar are now declared in public. As part of this, Hindu Maha Sabha had announced its desire to install bust of Nathuram Godse all over the nation. It’s a shame that the ruling NDA Government, including its Prime Minister Narendra Modi had not condemned this sinister campaign.

In view of this, Social Democratic Party of India, organized protest demonstrations all over the nation on January 30. The party said that those who assassinated Gandhi are now assassinating the nation. Such venomous campaign must be stopped to safeguard the secular fabric of the nation.

Protests were held in all the districts of Tamil Nadu. The protests received good response from the public and representatives from various political parties and movements participated in the protest and voiced their concern against the communal design of the Sangh Parivar forces.

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