Uphold sovereignty and integrity of the Republic: Popular Front of India

Popular Front Chairman KM Shareef in a statement issued on the eve of the Republic Day urged the people of India to uphold the sovereignty and integrity of the Republic which is under threat from both from within and outside. While we celebrate Republic Day we are remembering the day on which our country was blessed with a constitution which undoubtedly is one of the world most refined constitutions. Obviously, our founding fathers envisioned a sovereign India of freedom and equal rights for all citizens.

Recent trends and incidents show that our nation’s sovereignty and integrity have been threatened seriously. The forces of hatred are sowing the seeds of conflicts through violence and smear campaigns against religious minorities in order to yield political gains. Recent studies show that the menaces of casteism and untouchability are becoming more pronounced in our country. All these show that we have a long way to travel forward in order to achieve the goals envisioned by our freedom fighters.

By allowing 100% foreign investment in Defence and Media, the present BJP government has surrendered the economic independence of the nation to multinational corporates. The decision to have U. S. president Barrack Obama as the chief guest on the festive occasion of the Republic Day is illustrative of the videshi seva of Hindutva politics which chants swadeshi mantra always. There are indications that the visit of Obama will end up with opening of our air and naval bases for the operation of U. S. military aircrafts and war ships. This will eventually make India a proxy U. S. colony enabling them to unleash attacks on any country from the India soil. Ultimately U. S. military may exercise their hegemony upon India’s own defence systems as we have already seen from the fate of those countries with foreign military bases. It is noteworthy that previous UPA government has to withdraw from such moves due to strong oppositions.

On this occasion of the 65th anniversary of our Republic, Popular Front chairman K M Shareef appealed to people of all section to come forward against the anti-constitutional and pro-colonial policies of the government in order to uphold our nation’s integrity and sovereignty.

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