Russia Should Refrain from its Ukraine invasion : Popular Front

Mr. O M A Salam, Chairman – Popular Front of India,  has expressed strong concern over the unfolding situation in Ukraine after the Russian invasion into its territories.

It’s quite unfortunate that civilian and military casualties are being reported from Ukraine after the Russian invasion. This is another brutal Russian military exercise inspired by expansionist ambitions that can potentially spill over and send the world into chaos.

As usual, security reasons are being used to justify the invasion of a sovereign nation. Similar pretexts were used when superpowers like Russia and America invaded and destroyed poor nations with economic and military motives. The world and international community couldn’t prevent any of those wars that took millions of lives and turned many millions into refugees the world over. It’s these moral and strategic failures that have brought the world to the brink of another war. Popular Front condemns all kinds of expansionist policies.

Popular Front also hopes that the situation de-escalates soon and Russia refrains from another bloody invasion. Our prayers are with the people of Ukraine who live in extreme fear. Popular Front also urges the Government of India to ensure the safe return of Indian citizens stranded in the combat zone.