RSS’s categorisation of Indians into four types of Hindus and attempts of cultural imposition must be rejected: Popular Front

Press Release | New Delhi

Popular Front of India Chairman O.M.A Salam has, in a statement, called RSS’s categorisation of Indians into four categories of Hindus as a blatant rejection of the country’s plural character.

RSS has never been able to accept India for what it is, a secular, pluralist democratic country, and wanted to impose its idea of cultural nationalism on Indian people. RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat’s latest categorisation of all Indians into four types of Hindus comes from the inherent intolerance towards India’s diversity. It’s basically a proclamation that anything that is not Hindu is unwelcome.

Such arbitrary categorisations don’t have any basis in Indian social realities. RSS claims this would unify Indian people but in reality, these kinds of attempts at social engineering would continue to incite and justify hostilities and violence against undesired categories.

Indian constitution grants people the freedom to identify themselves with the culture or religion of their choice. Any kind of religious or cultural imposition should be rejected by all.