Resurgence – People Thronged in Tippu Sultan Ground

Monday, February 22nd, 2010
Conference – Resurgence
Madurai: Popular Front of India’s 2nd day conference began with the Women’s seminar on the topic “Women for social empowerment” at Hazrath Begum Hall morning11.00am. Popular Front chairman EM Abdur Rahman, national general secretary KM Sheriff, state president M Mohamed Ali Jinnah gave the introductory speech.

National Women’s Front(NWF) secretary gave the welcome speech, state president Ms.S.Fathima Gani presided the seminar and gave the speech. She mentioned that “Women constitute around 50% of the population and hence Women’s part in empowering the community is very essential. The sachar committee has shown the actual fact of our community. Our prophet (PBUH) has included Women in all the areas of empowering the community and hence we also should follow the same. We should also be prepared to do any sacrifice for this cause”. National Women’s Front national president Ms.Zainaba, National executive council member Ms.Jareena, Sate Vice president Ms.Aysha siddiqa, Social activist Ms.Santhi gave the special speech. State Treasurer A.Sidhi Aliya gave the vote of thanks.

Women’s Conference
At 2.30pm on Syed ahamed shaheed entrance, a massive people rally was started. Popular Front on india’s state treasurer and Vidial velli monthly M.Mohamed Ismail gave the welcome speech. Popular Front national General Secretary KM Sheriff gave the introductory speech and flagged off the rally at 2.50pm. The officers marched in the front followed by band team. The leaders followed the parade and several thousand people marched after the leader. There was also a huge participation of Ulemas in the rally. Few handicapped persons, the aged, the rich, the poorest, the young made the rally colorful. The residents on the way supplied water for the people who marched in the rally. The public in high spirits raised the slogans, which touched the sky. Play cards and plays against Fascism, Gujarath riots, Double standards, Capitalism, Untouchability, Fake encounters, America-Israel terror, Genetically modified foods and events for Reservation, Social empowerment, Babar masjid were displayed. The rally reached the ground at 4.25pm. From 4.55pm to 5.10pm Band demo was played. Till 5.30pm people in the rally came in.


The magrib azan was given at 6.25pm which was followed by Isha prayers as jammu kazr. The grand public meeting started exactly at 6.50pm. State Vice president and General Convener AS Ismail welcomed the public and explained why the such a conference was mandatory for today’s situation. State president M Mohamed Ali Jinnah presided the conference and gave the presidential speech. He told that” Attrocities against Muslims have crossed a limit and those who fight for justice are subjected to various excesses by the Police like taking photo an portraying as a terrorist, taking finger prints, framing fake cases etc. In all fields like education, employment, politics Muslims are under represented. We welcome the Tamilnadu Govt 3.5% reservation grant at this situation for social justice. However this is only a starting and the Govt should consider increasing the quota in future. The courts is the place for justice, but there is no guarantee for justice to Muslims. The babar masjid case is a good example. The situation of Dalits is also worse, in a survey conducted in many villages, Dalits are not even able to freely move around in 7 villages. In 29 villages, Dalits are restricted to have tea or coffee in public. In 11 villages, in the village local meeting, Dalits cannot sit like other community. These meetings are conducted by Govt. officers. Even the post man don’t deliver the post to a Dalit’s house. These are present day events and very hard to digest. Hence fighting against these social evils is mandatory at the present situation. We are fighting for justice and we invite all to join our hands together and fight against these evils prevailing in the society. Freedom, Justice, Security should be ensured to all classes of people”.

Popular Front Chairman EM Abdur rahman gave the inaugural speech.He mentioned that “Tamilnadu has a history of fighting against the social evils. Thanthai periyar was able to make a social reform against the in justice. This grand public gathering reminds me the same social struggle. This struggle is mandatory today. In many parts of the country, communalism is prevailing and the Govt administration instead of controlling them, sometimes they are even acting as tools of the communal elements. Those who fight against this are subjected to human rights violations. Reservation is the only solution for this injustice. The number of Muslims in the parliament has reduced to 6 compared to the last ter of UPA Govt. Hence there is a need for a political movement and so Social democratic party of India with the motto “Freedom from fear, Freedom for hunger” was formed in the national level. “ We also ask the Govt to implement the 10% reservation to Muslims as strongly recommended by Mishra commission. Tirunelveli Jamaathul Ulema president TJM Salahuddin riaji gave a speech wishing the conference.

Social Democratic party of India’s Chairman E.Abubackr gave the special speech. In his speech he told that” Muslims are blamed whenever bomb blasts happened. In metros Muslims are even unable to rent a flat. Muslims don’t get jobs in army, intelligence and police. The fascist forces are dominating the country and in the international level, the capitalist forces are dominating the world. The politics is controlled by a small group of market giants. Even Manmohan singh or Obama cant escape from the trap of these giants. Our Home minister P.Chidambaram, somewhat is exceptional in this regard. Ad we appreciate this move. In this crucial situation the downtrodden rise up to fight against the atrocities, by its own ability and formed Social democratic party of India. In a very short span of time, SDPI has got cadres in 16 states.”

Dravidar kalagan president Ki.Veeramani, Samooha samathuva padai president and founder P.Sivakami IAS, State general secretary A.Fakrudeen, State executive council member KK Sheik Dehlan baqavi, State executive council member P.Abdul Hamid gave the special speech. Also Popular Front Kerala State President VP Nasrudeen, Karnataka State President S.Afsar Pasha, Andra State President Moulana Kaleemullah siddiqui, National confederation of human rights organizations president Advocate Bhavani P Mohan, Marumalarchi muslim league president Asa.Omar farook, People Democratic party president KM Sheriff wished for the conference.

State secretary Khalid Mohamed, State treasurer and Vidial velli monthly editor M Mohamed Ismail, State executive council member Advocate N Shahjahan read the conference resolutions. State secretary M Nijam Mohideen gave the vote of thanks.


1) Implement Mishra commission and grant 10% for Muslims.

2) Order enquiry on all bomb blasts from 1992 by a team of Justice, social activists, journalists.

3) Ban genetically modified seeds and BT Brinjal now.

4) Control prise rise immideately

5) Rebuild Babar masjid on the same place and punish the 68 criminals mentioned in the Liberhan commission responsible for masjid demolition

6) Muslims should improve themselves in all fields like education, financial, politics etc. They have equal responsibility as the Govt to improve the commuity.

7) In Tamilnadu Muslims constitute 5.6% but in jails Muslims constitute 9.6%. Govt. should conduct a study on this and have to strive to change this situation.

8) Punish Rathinasababathy who filed fake bomb cases on innocent Muslims in coimbatore, also we condemn the Govt which is not taking any steps inspite of clear proof against him.

9) Recover encroached Wakf properties.

10) Eraidicate untouchability

11) Rehabiliate Tamils in Sri lanka and offer a political solution which ensure all rights for tamils also.

12) Condemn Police misusing their power by taking illegal custody,framing fake cases, torture etc against social activists and not giving permission to public and street meetings, removing posters etc.

13) Muslims are under represented in the parliment and state assemblies. Those who are in the parliment are also not representing the community and only acting as tools of the ruling parties. To change this situation, Popular Front has formed a political party called Social Democratic party of India and we ask all Muslims to support the party.

14) Constitute interest free banks, as interest banking is one of the major reasons for financial stagnation and also for helping the poor.

15) All people should shun fascists and sangh parivars as hindutva concept is against Muslims, Dalits, christians, adivasis.

16) Amend the Tamilnadu marraiges act,2009 to accept the registration of Muslims marraiges given to Qazis and done by the way of shariat and which is also already recogonized in the present…

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