Reservation is a Constitutional Right not a Favor

Terrorism charges against Muslims unfounded: Indian leader
Sunday, February 14th, 2010
Qatar IFF
Qatar: Reservation for the socially and educationally backward communities in government jobs and educational institutions is a right guaranteed by the Constitution of India, and it is not a favor by anyone nor discrimination against the socially forward communities, stated E.M Abdul Rahman, Chairman, Popular Front of India.

The backward communities still remain under-represented in legislature, executive and judiciary the three pillars of democracy, even after 60 years of independence, he continued. Despite the findings of several commissions appointed by the central government that Muslims are more backward than the dalits, no action has been taken by the government to end this backwardness, Rajinder Sachar Committee report is the right diagnosis and Rangnath Misra Commission is the right prescription. he added.

Mr. E.M Abdul Rahman was delivering the key-note address on “Reservation – right or favour”, at the Qatar Red Crescent Auditorium, Doha. Muhammad Rasheed presided over the meeting. Shakeel Kakwi of India Fraternity Forum, Doha welcomed the gathering and IFF President Abdul Aziz Subhan proposed a vote of thanks


Terrorism charges against Muslims unfounded: Indian leader

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E M Abdul Rahiman delivering a talk on ‘Reservation—Right or Favour’ at Qatar Red Crescent Auditorium.

DOHA: The hue and cry about Muslim terrorism and recent terrorism-related developments in India are the work of certain forces who want to marginalise Muslims in the country, a visiting Muslim leader from India has said. While in India certain communal forces are responsible for portraying Muslims as terrorists, globally it is done by the imperialist forces, E M Abdul Rahiman, Chairman of the Popular Front of India, said.

According to Abdul Rahiman, the Popular Front is an organisation which works for the equal empowerment of weaker sections in Indian society, especially Muslims. He denied charges that his organisation had an extremist ideology or links. “We have challenged our opponents to prove their charges. We are less extremist than other major parties if you look at our track record,” he said.

“It’s very clear that the charges of terrorism leveled against Muslims in India are unfounded, and part of a wider agenda. First of all, in most of the cases where Muslims were booked for terrorism, they were released by the court, as there was no evidence against them. Secondly, in the case of some major blasts in India — like in Malegoan, Ajmer, Mecca Masjid in Hyderabad and Goa – Muslims were first accused of perpetrating them, but later official investigations unearthed a Hindu terror nexus behind them,” he said.

Abdul Rahiman said that democracy is complete only when all sections of the society get adequate representation and when there is no discrimination. “Unfortunately in India, the Hindutva agenda or mindset is not restricted to the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) alone, which has an open Hindutva ideology. A major section of the bureaucracy, police force and the intelligence force is influenced by this agenda and thinking, which works against the interests of the Muslim community,” he said.

The Popular Front has launched a two month-long campaign in India demanding reservation for Muslims in government service and education.

The campaign is being held in 16 states and will end on March 18 with a Parliament march in New Delhi, he said.

“On the reservation issue, what we have found in India is that even when there was a government will to help the community, the judicial intervention had created problems. The courts either turned down the government decisions or put restrictions on its way,” he said.

Popular Front currently has 50,000 cadres in 16 states, he said.

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