Repeal of farm laws victory of democratic struggle over arrogance and authoritarianism : Popular Front

Press Release | 19 November 2021 New Delhi

Popular Front of India Chairman, O M A Salam, in his latest statement, called Prime Minister’s announcement of the repeal of farm laws victory of the year-long democratic struggle of the farmers in the country.

He added that the Modi government has once again been reminded that in a democracy people are the sovereign and that their will cannot be ignored. Historic democratic struggle by the farmers has finally won its victory over arrogance and authoritarianism. Despite brutal measures, farmer organizations never stepped back and kept their fight on for almost a year to bring down the arrogance of the BJP to its knees.

The fact that the announcement comes ahead of the Assembly election in UP is not a sheer coincidence. This is a government that has proved over and over again that it prioritizes electoral victory and power more than the lives of farmers and the wellbeing of the people of the country and that it would go to any extent to achieve that. Repealing the laws also undoubtedly proved that these laws were never accepted by the farmers and were only meant to benefit a tiny group of crony capitalists in the country. The atrocities committed upon the agitating farmers by police and right-wing groups are never to be forgotten.

The country must continue to support the farmers in their struggle until the rest of the demands of the farmers are met and justice is done to those who lost their lives in the protests against the laws.

In this victory, there is a lesson for other marginalized sections on how to preserve their rights and defeat discriminatory and unconstitutional steps like CAA and NRC.

Director Media and PR, Popular Front Headquarters – New Delhi.