Quashing of Ban on Popular Front by Jharkhand High Court Respect Democratic Values: State General Secretary urges the State Government

“We welcome the judgment of Jharkhand high court quashing the ban on Popular Front of India imposed by the by state government. We feel it is a mile stone in the judicial history. It clearly conveyed the message that the legal remedy will never be forbidden to any citizen while striving for the genuine causes, unity and integrity of our beloved nation.

The judgment says the state government’s order banning the activities of Popular Front of India in the state, is “arbitrary, unreasonable and against the sanctity of law”. The court has also quashed the case related to the ban. The fact, that government raised severe allegations against a people’s movement including terror links and failed to produce any evidence for it before the court, points to the nefarious methods of the Jharkhand government. The judgment cannot be viewed as something that merely concerns Popular Front of India. Rather, it is an important judicial intervention to protect the constitutional rights of freedom of expression and freedom of association.

The State government has failed to explain what wrong have we committed that warrants imposition of ban on us before court. When lynching incidents were rising in the state and mobs led by Sangh parivar took law in their hands inculcating fear among the Muslim minorities and dalits, we raised our voices through democratic means. We tried to fight them by lawful means, lodged complaints to the police and took out peaceful protests. We filed number of cases before the same hon’ble high court seeking justice to victims of mob lynching. We felt it was our duty to protect the victims by due legal process. But we were targeted, cornered and false cases were foisted on our members. They tortured in the police custody and were unfairly sent behind bars more than two months. The police even booked cases against our leaders and members for conducting School Chalo educational programmes and distributing the school kits to poor children.

We once again make it clear that raising voice against injustice and oppressions within the purview of law is neither illegal, nor anti-social, nor anti-national. We urge the state government to respect the democratic values, constitutional provisions, and voices of the marginalized and to listen to the concerns of underprivileged. It is the duty of the government to protect all its citizens without discriminating individuals or groups.

We hope that the judgment will fortify people faith in judiciary. We thank all individuals, social and human rights groups and community organizations in our state and all over India who stood with us against the ban”.

The press conference was attended by Popular Front State General Secretary Abdul Wadud, Pakur District President Obaidur Rahman, Advocates Saifan Shaikh (Bombay High Court), A. Syed Abdul Kather (Madurai Bench of Madras High Court) and Abdul Momen Haldar (Calcatta High Court).