Popular Front’s “Freedom Meet” revives the spirit of independence

On the eve of the 67th Independence Day, Popular Front of India conducted a nation wide programme “Freedom Meet” on 15th August 2013. The objective of this programme was to remember the sacrifices of our forefathers in the path of achieving our freedom.

It is a day to reverence the commitment and determination of all the freedom fighter towards their goal of attaining freedom. It’s a day to evaluate our duties towards the nation and to pledge to strive to defend our freedom and the values it enshrines.

After six decades of independence we still see the country surrounded by major internal and external issues. On one side the sovereignty of the country is under the threat of imperialist and Zionist designs. On the other hand the Fascist forces pose a serious internal threat to the country. Issues like corruption, denial of social justice, atrocities on women, marginalization and harassment of Muslims and the oppression of dalits and tribals are still prevalent.

The slogan raised for the Freedom Meet is “Be the Sentinel of Freedom”. This programme is not mere a celebration but it is a platform to provoke our thoughts and ponder on the issues surrounding the country. This programme is aimed to makes us remember our duty towards the country.

The Freedom Meet is a voice to make every Indians aware about the onslaught of Imperialist, Zionist and Fascist forces on the freedom of the country. It is also a day to resolve for the protection of the rights of the marginalized sections of our society who are facing oppression.The Freedom Meet programmes conveyed the message of solidarity towards all the oppressed sections and urged every citizen of the country to join hands and strive for building our great nation on social justice.

The programmes started with hoisting the national flag and the national anthem at all units of the organization. Many renowned personalities, Human rights activists, thinkers, intellectuals, religious scholars participated in the Freedom Meet and praised the efforts of Popular Front for taking up this cause at a national level.