Popular Front’s First Tamil Nadu State Conference – “Resurgence” Commenced in Madurai

Saturday, February 20th, 2010

Flag Hoisting
Madurai: Popular Front of india sucessfully started its first state conference – Resurgence, today at Madurai Tippu Sultan ground, Vandiyoor ring road, Madurai. All India imams council state president Abdul Kader Muneeri prayed the Almighty for the sucess of the conference. Four officers took the flag to the state president M.Mohamed Ali Jinnah by a well disciplined flag march. The president hoisted the flag and the conference slogans pitched the sky out of excitation.

At 10.15, a seminar on “Empowerment – Challenges and Prospects” was started at VP Singh Hall, Gupta Auditorium, Anna Nagar, Madurai. Popular Front national executive council member A.Ya Mohideen gave the welcome speech. The seminar was presided by Popular Front national general secretary K.M sheriff. On his speech, he told that “After mandal commision report, dalits and other backward class people empowered themself, except muslims. Those who worked for empowerment and social justice were labelled as terrorists and subjected to brutalities by the Govt administration. But the sacrifices for this cause will be a good investment for a better future.”

The conference was inaugurated by Tehelka investigative editor Mr.Ajith Sahi. On his speech he told that “Muslims were not given right share in any of the areas. Also there is a bias against Muslims in the govt. administration and they are looked as terrorists. But I suggest that Muslims should not be afraid of this and should fight for justice. The prophet Mohamed(PBUH) is a role model of Muslims, who was determined to fight for justice.”

The theme paper of the seminar was presented by the State treasurer and Vidial Velli monthly editor M.Mohamed Ismail. Following him Delhi university professor S.A.R Jeelani presented paper on “How Media manufacture terrorists”, human rights activists and writer Prof.A.Marx presented paper on “Minority rights and discrimination”,

President of National confederation of Human rights organisation Advocate T.Lajapathy Roy presented a paper on “Various faces of terrorism”, General secretary, Islamiya Kalai Ilakiya Kalagam presented the paper on “Reservation for social justice” and state treasurer of Social democratic party of india(SDPI) S.M Rafiq ahamed presented paper on “Political representation and democracy”. Finally state secretary M.Nijam Mohideen gave the vote of thanks and the seminar concluded on 1.30pm.

Next an exhibition would be opened on Siraj-ud-Daula hall, Star Park hall,Anna Nagar, Madurai at 3.00pm.

Conference Inauguration
People at Madurai

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