Popular Front vows to continue its struggle to save our Constitution – E.Abubacker at Jaipur

29 Oct 2017, Jaipur: As part of the organization’s countrywide campaign, We Also Have Something To Say, which began on in the mid of October, a grand conference concluded at Karbala grounds in Rajasthan’s state capital Jaipur on 29 Oct 2017.

Prominent dignitaries participated in the event, include Poplar Front Chairman E.Abuacker, AIMPLB Secretary Moulana Mohammed Umrain Rehmani, General Secretary Alliance for Justice and Peace and Former Judge Bombay HC Justice B.G Kolse Patil, Ex-MLA and CP(M) State Secretary Comrade Amra Ram, SDPI National General Secretary Muhammad Shafi, Vishwa Hindu Satya Shodhak Mission founder Swamy Satyanand Maharaj, CPI State Secretary Tara Singh Sidhu, Fr. Vijay Paul, Samajwadi Party State President Mukesh Yadav, Mufti Mohammed Zakir Nomani, Mufti Abdul Sattar of Dar-ul-Uloom Razviya and other rights and political activists.

In his address to the audience, Popular Front chairman E.Abubacker said, the fascist forces are hell-bent to implement the Hindutva agenda in the country. Popular Front vows to continue its struggle to save the values of our Constitution. He further said we will not compromise with the communal forces in any way.

AIMPL Secretary Moulana Umrain said, like ever, the communal forces are continuing to weaken the unity among Muslims by making continuous attempts to create a rift within the community. But now, Muslims are well aware of their evil plans are joining hands with secular brethren in order to defeat the vicious plans of the fascists.

Popular Front National Secretary Anis Ahmed said, Popular Front is not just a social but a people’s movement, which has been striving for the development of the socially deprived classes in general and Muslims in particular. The organization has established its presence in several states with thousands and lakhs of cadres and supporters across the country. Its programs aimed at eradicating poverty, promoting education and health are appreciated a lot.

SDPI National General Secretary Muhammad Shafi, in his address said, Popular Front is an organization which has been engaged in agitating and campaigning to ensure disposal of rights of Dalits, Muslims, deprived and oppressed classes. We believe it’s the onslaught of communal and fascist forces which has become a threat for the unity of our country. This is high time, the peace loving citizenry join hands and together strive to pull out from the clutches of these fascists.

Coming down heavily upon the Modi led NDA government at the center CP(M) State Secretary Comrade Amra Ram stressed upon the unity of like-minded socio-political organizations to vote out the communal forces from power. SDPI State President Mohammed Rizwan slammed the communal fascist forces in power which have been misusing the investigative agencies, which practice hatred towards minorities and influencing a section of media to continuously target, defame and stifle the activities of Popular Front. Rizwan said, now the people are well aware of the fact and are extending their solidarity with Popular Front.

Popular Front State President Mohammed Asif pointed out Popular Front’s democratic and legal fight against the desperate campaigns of defaming the organization. He said these days we see a different era of their spirited smear campaign wherein a section of media is made to indulge in citing reference to certain governmental agencies. Asif said, as per certain media reports the National Investigation Agency (NIA) has passed some serious allegations against Popular Front. One of the allegations is the case of blasphemy in which a Kerala teacher Joseph had passed blasphemous remarks over the Prophet of Islam. In this regard, Popular Front had denied its involvement in the incident and that the court too had delivered its judgment saying Popular Front as an organization is not involved in the incident. The other case is that of illegally slapping UAPA’s terror sections on some Popular Front members, who had taken part in organization’s health awareness drive “Healthy People Healthy Nation”. With regard to the case, the Kerala High Court had struck down the UAPA from the case and the Supreme Court upheld the HC order and refused to entertain a plea filed by NIA challenging the lower court’s verdict.

Vishwa Hindu Satya Shodhak Mission founder Swamy Satyanand Maharaj asserted that we all secular and peace loving citizens of the country will challenge and defeat the threat of fascist forces and won’t let them succeed in their agenda anyway.

The grand conference was also addressed by some other prominent personalities Mufti Zakir Nomani, Mufti Abdul Sattar, Fr. Vijay Paul, Mukesh Yadav and others. The conference was participated by a massive gathering including women and children. The conference concluded with the vote of thanks by Popular Front State Treasure Khalid Manzoor.