Popular Front of India National Executive Council (NEC), in its meeting held at Malabar House, Malappuram, Kerala, demanded that the BJP-led central government return to secular and democratic values enshrined in the Indian constitution. Since 2016,  under the BJP government, India was being driven away from constitutional principles of secularism and inclusiveness,  while attempting to implement the  Hindutva agenda alien to our national movement.

A resolution adopted by the NEC meeting has also stated that the Independence Day speech delivered by PM Narendra Modi was far removed from the ground realities surrounding the people of the country.  The NEC said, “Prime Minister’s address to the nation on the 76th Independence Day was very disappointing, with nothing substantial to the people. The price hike, poverty, unemployment and rising communal hatred are making life hard for most of the citizens. As the head of the government of the world’s largest democratic country, the PM is supposed to take actions to improve the lives of people and change situations in the country, not engage in high sounding but hollow rhetoric.” The resolution pointed out that our vision of transforming India into the most powerful nation by 2047, leading the world in growth and development, cannot be achieved unless and until the society turned tolerant and the government followed inclusiveness.

In another resolution, Popular Front NEC questioned the inaction and silence by the government on Hindutva leaders and seers who openly declared the preparation of the draft constitution for Hindu Rashtra, which is against the existing Constitutional Republic.

“This is an open threat to the Indian constitution and its democratic institutions, that should have been met with proper legal action. Unfortunately, the people behind it neither face any legal action nor any media trial. A section of media has been, for the past weeks, creating a communal divide and demonizing Muslim organizations by accusing them of conspiring to create a so-called Islamic state. Investigation agencies are still hunting Muslim youths in many states with the same fake and ridiculous accusations,” said the resolution.

In another resolution, the NEC of the Popular Front hailed the masses across India for the success of the organization’s six-month campaign called ‘Save the Republic’.

“The longest campaign in the history of Popular Front was aimed at creating awareness among people about the ongoing attempts in the country to undermine the constitution. The enemies of secular democratic values want to lead the nation in the direction of authoritarianism and fanaticism. Through public gatherings, corner meetings, house campaigns and other programs, the volunteers and members of the organisation reached out to the masses in different states. The campaign was successful in reaching millions of people and keeping them resolute in democratic struggles”, said NEC of the Popular Front.

Media and PR,
Popular Front Headquarters, New Delhi.