Popular Front launching school chalo campaign

Thursday, July 16th, 2009
Calicut:  Popular Front of India will launch a nation-wide School Chalo (Go to School) campaign in the month of May. This month long educational awareness and promotion programme will be carried out by the state committees of Popular Front in Kerala, Karnataka, Tamilnadu, Goa, Andhra Pradesh, Rajasthan, West Bengal and Manipur.

Educational guidance classes for students and parents awareness classes will be conducted in various localities. Popular Front volunteers will survey the households to identify the drop-outs from schools and will help the parents to readmit their children. Popular Front units will distribute school books and uniforms and will adopt poor students for the continuation of their studies. Poster campaigns, pamphlet distribution and rallies also will be held to spread message of educational empowerment. Also special literacy classes will be locally arranged for adults.

The National Executive Council of Popular Front emphasised the need to achieve full literacy and compulsory education up to secondary level throughout the country. Popular Front has been observing the educational promotion month since the last few years in the southern states. The same programmes are being extended this year to other states also.

Chairman E. M. Abdul Rahiman presided the meeting. Those who attended the meeting include K. M. Shareef, A. Saeed, Sheik Dahlan Baqavi, O. M. A. Salam, E. Abubacker, M. A. Jinnah, K. Abdul Latheef and Adv. K. P. Muhammed Shareef.

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