Popular Front Launches ‘School Chalo’ project

Thursday, April 1st, 2010
Followed by the National Campaign for Muslim Reservation held during February-March, Popular Front of India has directed its cadres and units to engage in field work for taking all children of their localities to school. Popular Front has designed a special project called “School Chalo” or “Go to School” during the months of April, May and June prior to school admissions in different states. The local activities which will be undertaken include educational surveys, assistance in enrolling children in school and readmission of drop outs, distribution of school kits, scholarship schemes and parent awareness classes. The project will be more concentrated in educationally backward areas. The state committees of the organization will identify certain villages for continuous follow up works to develop them as “Sarva Shiksha Gram”. The National Executive Council of Popular Front Which has worked out the details of the project observed that the compulsory education of every child between 6 and 14, now made a fundamental right must not remain as yet another unfulfilled promise. Instead of depending on the bureaucracy alone, both the central and state governments should support the efforts of voluntary organizations.

Popular Front has also called upon the minority organizations and leaders to ensure that nobody is left out from the forthcoming national census. Awareness has to be created among people through the channel of mohallas and masjids. Popular Front reiterated its demand for collecting caste data also as part of the census operations.

The National Executive Council made a review of the two months long National Campaign for Muslim Reservation and observed that the various programmes held in different states from Rajasthan in west to Manipur in east and from Tamil Nadu in south to Delhi in north helped in a large way to bring the Muslim right of reservation to the forefront of society and politics. Muslim organizations and leaders all over the country must come forward to mobilize mass agitations, instead of merely continue submitting memorandum and issues press statements. The meeting observed that the community should also be politically empowered to exercise it as an election issue.

Chairman E.M.Abdul Rahiman presided. Those who attended the meeting include general secretary K.M.Shareef, E.Abubcker, A.Saeed, O.M.A.Salam, Mohammed Ali Jinnah, Moulavi Shiek Dahlan Baqavi, Dr. Mahboob Shareef Awad, Moulana Usman Beig, Mohammed Elays Thumbe, Prof.P.Koya, Anees Ahmed and M.Muhammed Ismail.

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