Popular Front of India Strongly Condemn the Assassination of Advocate Shahid Azmi

Saturday, February 13th, 2010
Bangalore: Popular Front of India strongly condemn the assassination of Advocate Shahid Azmi, Mumbai, who had stood out among India’s legal fraternity, by those factions which did not appreciate of his fight for justice and equality. The murder of Advocate Shahid Azmi is a similar killing of Advocate Noushad Khasimji Mangalore.

It is spine chilling to realize the system is becoming tolerant to the silencing of voices that are asking defense lawyers of innocent Muslims are becoming the targets of tirades of true terrorists who are covering their faces with so called nationalist.

Shahid Azmi was fighting for justice for the oppressed and lesser privileged sections of society and in particular, the Minority Community and had taken up to fight for the cause of those youth of the Minority community who were illegally detained and later framed in falsified cases. Such champions for a just cause are the lanterns of an otherwise darkened society and it is indeed very disheartening that such losses are being frequently repeated.

Popular Front strongly condemn this murder and demand that a central probe be initiated to reinstalls the confidence among the minorities who are disillusioned by the ease with which such incidents are allowed to co-exist besides a judiciary embedded in a “Secular” and democratic state.

Government needs to step up and arrest those entire true terrorist who even does not believe in the Indian constitution.

Justice should prevail and the lawyers should not get scared and the Popular Front also stand in solidarity with them to fight for justice.


General Secretary
Popular Front of India


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