Popular Front of India Condemns the Pune Blasts

Monday, February 15th, 2010

Pune Investigation
Popular Front of India Maharashtra State Committee condemns the Pune blasts and demanded the Central and State Governments to inquire the matter impartially and bring the real culprits before the law. It is so serious that blasts are occurring repeatedly and the security agencies always fail to check it. This means the real criminals behind blasts and terrorist attacks are still not arrested nor held under bars.

After each blast, some prejudiced officers as well as pro-fascist media try to humiliate Muslim community and to label them as responsible for the incidents. But recently some criminal outfits sponsored by Sangh parivar like Sanathan Samstha, Abhinav Bharath, etc were caught for their involvement in blasts in Malegaon, Goa, etc. More serious is that, those cases were formerly wound up by the concerned local police authorities by making some youths as the clients. In Hyderabad, a group of Muslim youths were found innocent and released after a year of detention and mental as well as physical harassment. Popular Front urged that similar injustice would not be repeated and proper and just enquiry would be conducted.

When the enquiry is not proper and innocents are arrested, a community gets restless and, more serious, real criminals are left free for their further attacks. Criminals are criminals, regardless to which caste and community they belong. Proper and just enquiry and timely action without prejudice and harassment on innocents, is the only solution to these trends. Popular Front calls all the people for upholding unity and integrity of the country and harmony among the citizens.

Sadiqe Qureshi


Popular front of India

Maharashtra State Committee


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