Popular Front to float ‘RESURGENCE – STATE CONFERENCE’ at Madurai on 20 and 21 February 2010

Sunday, February 14th, 2010

In the name of Allah
TN Conference

Dear Brothers,

Assalamu Alaikum(Varah).

I hope this letter will find you in good health and high Islamic Spirit. Alhamdhulillah.

We, the people from different places, different nature striving for a noble cause. That is Jannath. That is for the Empowerment of the Muslim Ummah. And also for the Empowerment of downtroddens, oppressed classes, the backwards, minorities, dalits and tribals.

Series of communal riots, Babri Masjid demolition, State Terrorism, Scapegoats, Gujarat genocide, Black laws and such kind of continuous targets arrowed by the Hindutva Fascists, for the three successive generations, were made stun the Muslim community. After 60 years of the Independence, while the hope of the Muslim community was getting diluted, it could see the Popular Front of India as the Morning Star.

Yes, really the Empower India Conference held at Bangalore, was directed the Muslim community to rethink about the future.

The Muslim community got the confidence that it would be withstand as a single unitary organisation for the social cause.

Then, the National Political Conference floated a new blood to the Muslim community in the political arena. It could turn the entire eyes of the nation towards the historical Calicut beach.

In the advancement of the cause, the Tamilnadu State unit of the Popular Front, now decided to float a ‘RESURGENCE – STATE CONFERENCE’ at Madurai on 20 and 21 February 2010 having the meaning of ‘TOGETHER FOR EMPOWERMENT’.

Popular Front calls upon the entire society, the backwards, downtroddens, oppressed classes, dalits, tribals, minorities especially Muslim community, ‘BE THE PART OF RESURGENCE’.

We hope that this conference will lead the Muslim community and rest of the societies towards Empowerment and make them to withstand in the struggle for Empowerment.

Dear brothers, this Resurgence not only belongs to the State of Tamilnadu, but for the entire nation.

We are, the brothers bind our hearts and tied our hands for noble cause. Definitely this is by the Nihmath of Allah Subhanahu wa tha’ala.

This conference is showing of our strength in Tamilnadu. We feel that this programme is the image of our Popular Front.

So, dear brothers, we expect your precious dua for the success of our conference and we expect your valuable presence also.

|Executive Editor of Tehelka Ajit Sahi inaugurates the seminar, ‘SOCIAL EMPOWERMENT – CHALLENGES AND PROSPECTS’ and various topics also will be discussed in the seminar by noted scholars including Delhi University Prof. S.A.R.Jeelani, followed by the Flag Hoisting in the first day of the conference.

The second day includes a Huge Rally followed by the Grand Public Meeting. National leaders of Popular Front and SDPI, State leaders of Popular Front of Kerela, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh and eminent scholars of Tamilnadu participates in the programme Insha Allah.

Once again, I invite you to take part in the conference, make it success and be the part of the resurgence.


Brotherly Yours

M. Mohamed Ali Jinnah

State President
Popular Front, Tamilnadu.


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