Popular Front demands immediate arrest of hate mongers of Haridwar Dharm Sansad

Press Release | New Delhi – 23 December 2021

Popular Front of India Chairman O M A Salam has strongly condemned the hate speeches and calls for genocide of Muslims made by Hindutva leaders at the three-day event held at Haridwar and demanded immediate arrest of all hatemongers who delivered the speeches.

The reports coming out about ‘Dharma Sansad’ organized at Haridwar in Uttarakhand between December 17 and 19 are shocking and shameful for a democratic and plural society like India. It looked as if the sole objective of the event was to encourage the participants to volunteer for a Muslim-free India.

At the large gathering of Hindutva organizations, open calls were made by multiple speakers to kill Muslims en masse. The silence of the state government and police on the issue is proof of their complicity. The participation of Ashwin Upadhyay, a hatemonger who had faced charges for hate speeches, in the event shows that the organizers had a silent nod of the authorities.

This is a matter of deep concern for the Muslim community because it is such events that spark hater crimes against it, especially against the most vulnerable in the community. The democratic society in the country should come forward to condemn the event.

Hindutvawadis are bringing a bad name to Hindu faith across the world. Sadly, we don’t see a strong voice from the community against these genocidal forces. It is high time that true Hindu believers and spiritual leaders stood up and said no to these people and groups who are obsessed with the elimination of other faiths around them.

The Popular Front demands that the state government arrest the hatemongers immediately and form a Special Investigation Team to investigate the overall conspiracy behind the event.

Director, Media, and PR – Popular Front Headquarters, New Delhi