Popular Front demands extradition of Headley to India

Saturday, March 20th, 2010

Bangalore: Popular Front of India expresses serious concerns on the recent decision of US court of not extraditing David Headley to India. This decision is an obstacle in clearing the mysterious clouds surrounding the terrorist attacks in India thereby posing severe threat for National Security. Right from the beginning the whole Headley episode is surrounded by mystery. We have seen various labels were assigned to Headley from being a LET operative, a drug mafia to a FBI double agent. The suspense surrounding Headley if cleared would have exposed the reality of hidden terrorist activities in India and would have put up more light on the alleged involvement of Israel and US in those terrorist attacks.

The way the US administration has manipulated the issue further strengthens the assumption that Headley operation was monitored from FBI itself. Why the American authorities have opted a settlement with a hard core criminal, instead of moving evidences to award him maximum punishment under the law? Why Headley is allowed to escape an open trial, in the name the guilty plea agreement between him and US? Why US government is not ready to hand over or make available Headley for trial to India, in spite of the fact that he is a prime accused in Mumbai terror attacks? These and many other related questions tell that America is in a hurry to bury the facts related to Headley episode.

More disappointing was the Indian Government’s approach towards the whole issue. The India Government was never seen taking up an assertive stand in demanding the extradition of Headley to India. For the last few years we have seen India taking a compromising stand on many important issues just to please the Imperialist force led by United States. It is the duty and responsibility of the government to take into serious consideration the increase mysterious terrorist attacks happening in India and their possible links to Israel and US agencies.

Popular Front reiterates its demand that the Indian Government should take up a principled and strong stand and demand the US to unconditionally hand over Headley to India for an inquiry on 23/11 and other blast cases.

K.M. Shareef

General Secretary,
Popular Front of India

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