Popular Front condemns state vendetta against Jignesh Mevani

New Delhi
26 April 2022

Popular Front condemns state vendetta against Jignesh Mevani

Popular Front of India Chairman O M A Salam has strongly condemned the arrest and harassment of Jignesh Mevani MLA by Assam Police.

The arrest of Gujarat MLA Jignesh Mevani by Assam police is nothing but political vendetta. Mr Mevani is a young emerging leader among backward classes. BJP is terrified that his campaigning is resonating with people, especially with the marginalized sections, and creating ripples even in BJP bastions.

By this blatant abuse of power to silence political opponents, BJP is setting a new precedent. Leaders and activists opposed to the BJP from different parts of the country are trapped in legal entanglements in BJP ruled states.

Immediately after being granted bail in one case, Mevani was rearrested in another fabricated case. It is a clear indication that Assam Police is desperate to prevent Mevani’s release.

While it is clear that these cases are preposterous and highly unlikely to hold up in a court of law, the objective of such cases is to keep innocent people incarcerated and harass them through protracted legal processes.

BJP is trying to create a situation in the country where democratic activism and dissent become crimes. This should not be allowed. Democratic forces in the country should come forward to resist the repressive actions against Mevani and other prisoners of conscience in the country.