Popular Front condemns the attempts to introduce BT Brinjal.

Friday, January 29th, 2010

Popular front of India strongly condemns the willingness of UPA government to go ahead with commercialization of the Genetically Modified (GM) seeds in Indian markets beginning with the BT Brinjal. The GM food crops which are banned in many countries are being promoted by the Agriculture Ministry under influence of the Multi National Companies lobbies. It is a clear fact that the GM food crops pose a serious health threat to the consumers but another issue to be considered is that it will also have a severe consequence on the socio-economic situation of the country.

It is a well known fact that the BT cotton crop was one of the major reasons of the farmer suicides in India. With the introduction of GM crops the local agriculture market will be virtually controlled by the GM seed producers backed by the imperialist forces. The support of the Central government for commercializing BT Brinjal in India is another instance of the growing influence of imperialist lobbies in our internal policy making.

The UPA government was voted to power only due to its promise of introducing pro-people policies. If UPA government approves the commercialization of BT Brinjal then it will be a betrayal to the citizens and it will prove that the government is only committed to safeguard the interests of MNCs backed by imperialist forces. The various protests by several social and farmers organizations throughout India display the discontent of the citizens against the introduction GM food crops. Popular Front urges the government to respect the sentiments and opinion of the citizens and ban the introduction of GM food crops in India.

Riyaz Pasha


Popular Front of India

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