Popular Front condemns airing of RSS chief’s speech on DD

The Modi government has once again proved their commitment to serve its communal masters the RSS. Today was indeed a very dishonorable day the country when the speech of Mohan Bhagat who is the Sarsangachalak of the fascist organization RSS was telecasted live on the Doordarshan. This event makes it evident that the Modi government actually controlled by the RSS and the government is trying all tactics to promote the ideology of RSS.

RSS which believes and propagates hindutva has always tried to position itself as the symbol and representative of Hinduism. The nation understands that the speech was broadcasted only to present the RSS and its chief as the leader of all Hindus. Since the day of assuming power the Modi government has failed to deliver its promises of being a government for all Indians. The propagation of RSS and its leaders from the platform of government owned channel shatters the tall claims made by prime minister to protect pluralism during his Independence Day speech.

Popular Front believes this attitude of the central government is a serious threat to the diversity of the country and our secular values. We strongly condemn the promotion of RSS by the government using tax payer’s money. We demand the government to stop promoting the Sangh ideology and understand its responsibility and prove itself to be unbiased government.
O.M.A Salaam

General Secretary,

Popular Front of India