Popular Front announces a nationwide celebration of the 75th year of Independence

Press Release | 03 December 2021 New Delhi

The Leaders Meet of Popular Front of India held at Malabar House, Puthanathani in Kerala has chalked out plans for celebrating the 75th year of Indian independence. The nationwide campaign programmes will start on 26th January 2022, Republic Day and will conclude on 15th August 2022, the 75th anniversary day of independence.

The meeting was attended by national functionaries, national executive council members and leaders from different states. 

The Leaders Meet resolved that creating awareness among the people about the core values of our Republic and the fundamental rights enshrined in our Constitution has now become a civic responsibility.

Our country has never witnessed before, a situation as now when the core values of our Republic such as Sovereignty, Socialism, Secularism and Democracy are facing threats from the Government itself which is duty-bound to uphold those values. By keeping the constitution and the system as mute spectators, the RSS controlled BJP Government is engaged in sheer misuse of power to isolate minority populations and suppress every voice of political dissent.

During the campaign period, Popular Front units in different parts of the country will conduct programmes to commemorate freedom fighters and freedom struggles of local importance and also will highlight the role of various local communities in the fight against the British government.  It is hoped that such events will promote a sense of patriotism among the young generation and build a sense of solidarity among different sections of society.

In another resolution, the Leaders Meet saluted Indian farmers for remaining steadfast on the streets for many months agitating against the anti-farmer laws brought by the BJP Government, leaving the agriculture sector to the exploitation of crony capitalists and corporates. The victory of farmers protest is a boost to similar agitations against other anti-people moves of the present government like repressive laws UAPA, NSA, Sedition etc. and assaults on citizenship like CAA, NRC and NPR.

The Leaders Meet has appreciated the services undertaken by Popular Front cadres across India during the second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Our activists were upholding their share of civic responsibility when the state went absent at the threshold of a deadly situation in different parts of the country. They have carried out 7,146 burial services, provided 2,897 oxygen cylinders, 2,173 hospital beds and 2,635 ambulance services. 1,22,175 food packets and ration kits were distributed.

Popular Front cadres were also active in rescue and relief operations during floods that recently hit states like Assam, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Goa, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Kerala etc.

Secretary, Media and PR – Popular Front