Political Advancement sine qua non for Muslim Empowerment – Popular Front Seminar

Political Advancement sine qua non for Muslim Empowerment – Popular Front Seminar

Friday, August 14th, 2009

Kozhikode: “Get-together of Political Activists” session of the Popular Front National Political Conference here today opined that political advancement is indispensable for Muslim empowerment in the present context when even the constitutional rights are denied to them. This view was expressed by the session that was attended by political activists from various states of India. Serious discussions regarding the social upliftment of the backward classes consisting of Muslims, Dalits and the Tribes were held in the session.

Communal fascism that posed great threat to the Muslims in the nineties has turned out to be a menacing threat to the nation itself. Muslims have been supporting the secular parties to keep BJP out of power. Even today they are not able to get out of that political stand. These secular parties have overtly and covertly put hurdles in the path of Muslim empowerment and in the process, eliminated the Muslim vote bank. The parties and its leaders were engaged in besieging the Muslims in their ideological web. The scholars are usually confined themselves to masjids and madrassas. Leaders got their share of power by pledging the community to the rulers and political parties. The fact that there is nothing left for them to be proud of even after 62 years after independence, clearly reveals how much the Muslims have been kept out of the mainstream. As per Sachar Report, Muslims are far behind the Dalits in several areas. Dalits and the backward Hindu communities that were identified as the other two most deprived communities with Muslims in the Sachar Report, have become political powers; but the Muslims who comprise 15% of the population have not been able even to think in that direction.

It is not a communal need when Muslims are speaking about their due share in power. It is a voice for secular rights. Systematic effort from national to booth level with confidence in its strength is what is required to get share in the power. A force for political struggle has to emerge rather than involving in political gambling. Muslim minority organizations and its leaders should work united as a pressure group to attain the rights, the session observed.

Popular Front Founder Chairman E. Abubaker presided over. Chairman E.M. Abdul Rahman, Assam United Democratic Front Working President Hafiz Rasheed Chowdhry, Babri Masjid Action Committee Convenor Safariyab Jeelani, A. Amanullah Khan, P.T.A Raheem, MLA, Ex-M.P Adv. B. Ibrahim, Adv. Sajjad Siddiqui, M.G.M Nizamudheen, Irfanullah Khan, Syed J. Inayathullah, Ahmed Faqrudheen, Prof. P.Koya, O.M.A Salam and A. Saeed also participated in the discussion.