Police Hunt Predetermined – Popular Front

Monday, July 5th, 2010
Kozhikode: “The Police hunting of Popular Front members in the wake of the attack and injury caused to Professor Joseph of Newman College, Thodupuzha who had prepared an inflammatory question paper defaming Prophet Mohammed is predetermined” Popular Front Kerala state General Secretary P Abdul Hameed alleged in a press release.

“Police is targeting activists who protested against the blasphemous question paper when it was an issue. Attack on the teacher is deplorable. Such unfortunate incidents are caused due to inaction of the Government and related parties to check situation leading to such incidents.”

Hues and cries of those who hesitate to take appropriate action when provocative and uncivilized remarks and campaigns were repeated every now and then on Prophet Mohammed who is loved by millions of Muslims worldwide more than lives, are discriminatory and baseless, said the Popular Front General Secretary.

“Love jihad, headscarf of Muslim girl students, blasphemous campaign on Prophet and such incidents Christian Churches and mainstream organizations kept sinful silence”

He added that organisations like Popular Front of India had repeatedly complained against activities aimed at causing disharmony and communal polarization among the people of Kerala, but nobody paid any attention.

“Government and the general public need to be vigilant not to repeat such one-off incident like this in future and Police should not take discriminatory action against members of Popular Front,” he demanded.

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