Police action in Kanpur violence biased: Popular Front

New Delhi ll 06 June 2022

Police action in Kanpur violence biased: Popular Front

Popular Front of India General Secretary Anis Ahmed has stated that UP Police action during and after the breakout of violence in Kanpur is partial and biased towards one side.

Nupur Sharma, whose derogatory remarks against Prophet (PBUP) sparked the protest in Kanpur, still remains untouched by the police even after multiple FIRs. How the protest turned violent must be thoroughly and objectively investigated and culprits must be brought to account. From the footage of the incident, it’s clear that police watched passively while explosives were being thrown by criminals at protesting people. At the same time, police manhandled even Muslim leaders who tried to pacify the people. Mostly Muslim youths were arrested, many of whom had nothing to do with the violence.

Protests turning violent is nothing new in India. It needs to be approached legally and objectively. However, when protests happen on Muslim related issues, they are treated as acts of terrorism and extrajudicial methods are used. Muslim organizations and leaders are vilified. In Kanpur incident also attempts were to defame Popular Front of India. Even though Kanpur police doesn’t have have anything to link Popular Front with the violence, some media are eager to dragg the name of Popular Front to the violence. Popular Front categorically rejects such reports. UP police response after the incident shows that they are turning the unfortunate situation into an opportunity for bulldozer politics. Higher officials openly threaten to run bulldozers on properties of people against whom they are prejudiced and have alleged violence. This is nothing but state terrorism. This will ultimately weaken democratic institutions and law and order in society.

Popular Front called on the UP government and police to refrain from vigilante justice bypassing law and order.

Director, Media & PR,
Popular Front Headquarters, New Delhi.