National Political Conference

13-15 February 2009

The Neo Social Movement, which emerged in Kerala to break the darkness of fascism in India and create a new India, is now entrenched in most states of the subcontinent. The rise of this National Political Conference is a declaration that the modern social movement is embracing the path of sacrifice chosen by the people and rushing together towards change.

The ocean of people parallel to the Kozhikode Ocean today declares that the success of the solid vision we took in Bangalore two years ago to build a strong India is immense.

National Political Conference started with the flag hoisting ceremony

The proceedings of the National Political Conference started with great fanfare with the flag hoisting ceremony on 13.06.2009 at 8.30 am at Shaheed Kunjali Maraikkar, Kozhikode Beach.

Maulana Usman Baig Rashadi, a member of the National Executive Committee of the Popular Front of India, prayed to God to make their conference a success. Then the Chairman of the Popular Front E.M. Abdur Rahman inaugurated the conference by hoisting the star-studded tricolor of the Popular Front of India as a witness to the Arabian Sea.

Popular Front General Secretary K.M. Sharif, Vice-Chairman, A. Sayeed, Conference Coordinator, O.M.A. Salam, former chairman E. Abubakar, national treasurer Tehlan Bhaqavi, Kerala leader V.P. Nasruddin, Kerala General Secretary, Abdul Majeed Faizi, Tamil Nadu President Mohammad Ali Jinnah, Tamil Nadu General Secretary Ahmed Fakhruddin, Karnataka President Abdul Latif, Karnataka General Secretary Afsar Pasha, National Executive Committee members Prof. P. Koya, Advocate K.P. Shareef Leaders including Mohammad Ree Sharif, Dr. Mahboob Awad Sharif, Yasir Hassan, Anees Ahmed, Muhaidin Kutty Baisi, Bashir Ahmed were present.

Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka State Popular Front executive committee members and large crowds from various states of the country were present.

The excitement of the conference began with the flag-raising ceremony.

The star-studded tricolor of the Popular Front of India, hoisted at the convention grounds, fluttered with excitement as it announced the spring of hope and change. The organizers of the National Political Conference watched as the excitement subsided.

Yes, the three-day national renaissance seminars, debates, political awareness seminars, human rights defenders’ conference, women’s conference, student conference, world conference, etc. Scholars and community leaders from various states of India participated in these events.

The Second Rise of the Modern War of Independence! The Unity March

The procession and rally started at 7 pm with the song ‘Saare Jahan Se Achcha’ composed by Mahakavi Allama Iqbal (Rah). Ibrahim Rasool, Private Secretary to the President of South Africa, inaugurated the conference, which was hosted by Popular Front General Secretary KM Sharif.

National Leader Speech

Following this, Popular Front Chairman E.M. Abdur Rahman presided. In his speech, he said, “I welcome all of you who have joined the closing day program of accepting the call for liberation of the Popular Front of India, a modern social movement, and waving enthusiasm and anticipation for the National Political Conference.

You have created another sea of ​​humanity by accepting the call of the Popular Front on the shores of Malabar where for the first time in India the Western imperialist occupation and the courageous struggles against it took place.
This is where Vasco da Gama’s sailing ship anchored on May 21, 1498, the beginning of colonialism and foreign rule!

We have named the stadium after Shaheed Kunjali Maraikkayar, the martyred naval hero who fought tirelessly, despite the fact that the then King of Malabar, Samudri, had persuaded the Portuguese army for the meager concessions thrown by the Portuguese.

It was through this beach that Islam entered India, which was trapped in a caste trap, with the sacred message of oneness, human equality and social justice!

We now remember the valiant fighters and hundreds of shuhadahs of the Malabar struggle that lasted for more than a century, which still shines today in the history of the anti-British struggle.

We pray that the memories of freedom fighters and heroic martyrs in history and in the present will shed light on our ways of struggle against the enemies of mankind who are spreading darkness.

The caste differences, social annihilation and political enslavement that our forefathers fought to bury are still lingering in disguise. It is a travel group committed to building a new India for equal rights for all Indians.

Naya Caravan, Naya Hindusthan. (New Path, New India)

Exactly two years ago, on February 15, 16 and 17, 2007 at the Shaheed Tipu Sultan’s Conference in Bangalore, we presented the Popular Front to the people at the Empower India Conference.

The National Development Front (NDF) in Kerala, the Human Rights Forum – Manidha Needhi Pacharai (MNP) in Tamil Nadu and the Karnataka Forum for Dignity (KFD) in Karnataka formed the Popular Front under one umbrella.

We have dedicated ourselves to the path of full empowerment of the oppressed and backward people in this country.

Minorities, including the hill tribes, the aboriginal Dalits, and the descendants of those who took the country to the New World from the dark past, came before the Internet with the ambitions of freedom, justice and security as pointed out by the Popular Front.

We created two achievements over the course of the next two years of operation.

First, the dividing lines between the state movements were no longer unnecessary, and a sense of closeness and solidarity developed.

Second, the message and process of the movement was welcomed even in the northern, eastern and western states of the country across the borders of the three states.

At the Popular Front National General Committee meeting held on January 8, 9 and 10, 2009, a month ago, the NDF, MNP and KFD, which had given up the status of a federation, joined forces. And determined that it was natural and essential. The campaign and representation of the conference to build a strong India was limited to the southern states. But now state organizations have come forward, even from many states far away, to campaign for the National Political Conference. I am pleased to recall here the fact that delegations from 13 states besides Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka have come to participate in this great event with them for 3 days.

When the National Political Conference concludes here, the NDF, MNP, KFD The long-standing movements in the three states under the names of In fact we are partners in creating new history. All the brethren who have overtaken us in the path we have traversed and fulfilled the goal of sacrifice and conquered death through martyrdom and are still with the Lord today are filled in our minds at this coming event. May their holy martyrdom burn like fire in our minds!

At a time when people have been falling prey to the whirlwinds and tridents of racist fascism and annihilation politics in India for twenty years, the small plant of creative resistance that has sprouted in Kozhikode has now reached a new stage of development.
The social progress movement that started in Kozhikode with a handful of people has completed a cycle and is back here with a grand convention. It is a historic duty that its new travel announcements to the eight directions take place from here. Today we are going to witness a proclamation that will excite us.

Goa’s ‘Citizen’s Forum’ with three movements: NDF of Kerala, MNP of Tamil Nadu and KFD of Karnataka, ‘Association for Social Justice’ of Andhra Pradesh and ‘Community for Social and Educational Forum’ of Rajasthan. The five movements of ‘West Bengal’ Nagarik Adhikar Suraksha Samiti ‘and Manipur’s’ Lilang Social Forum’ are united in joining the Popular Front. This human sea greets you brothers who speak Urdu, Hindi, Telugu, Bengali and Manipuri.

Dear ones! This unity does not give us a sign of rest. This is a warning sign to drive away if you are lazy somewhere! It is a call to many times more self-sacrifice and hard work!

It is very clear that the declaration of the National Political Conference that ‘power belongs to the people’ has had a great impact on the people. We have heard that some people view this with suspicion and others with anxiety. But it has been made possible by our members to read the minds of the people, through convention campaigns that have tapped many parts of India, many parts of South India, most of the cities and rural areas in South India. People have no doubt. No worries. The power to distinguish people has developed. Political consciousness is born. In India to this day, the people who have been the victims of political exploitation and deceived by all political parties are no doubt calling out, “Let us decide our own destiny!”

BJP, We will no longer allow any political party to continue its deception by pretending to be the protectors of secularism and minorities in order to attract our votes.

Our ambition is to implement the philosophy of true democracy. They have enslaved the people by not allowing them to grow and progress, despite the firm constitution and the repeated elections. Power is far from the people. Despite its pride in nuclear power, the country ranks first in poverty and illiteracy.

The progress that is being made here is that of domestic and foreign brokerage firms! Only political leaders, the ruling class, the upper castes and the intertwined ruling class are enjoying the benefits of today’s politics. The victims are the majority of the community, including tribals, villagers, Dalits, Muslims, farmers and workers. They have been denied a fair share of power.

Their representation in the three processes of democracy, namely the legislature, the executive and the administration of justice, is nominal. As communities, Dalits and Muslims are at the forefront of victims of political discrimination and political exploitation in India!

The RSS and its affiliated Hindu movements, which have embraced caste and religious bigotry as ideologies, know that they cannot annihilate Dalits and Muslims, so they are trying to intimidate, subjugate and enslave them.

The divisive tactic of Hindutva politics is to divide Dalits and Muslims of the same lineage and start a war between them. Unfortunately, our regime, and the political parties that govern it, are pushing the fascist agenda against the oppressed to succeed.

The octagons are the water supply, road and transport facilities for the Dalit colonies and Muslim villages in northern India.

In this case, the BJP. The states ruled by the Congress, along with the ruling states, stand to join one. The good news is that the CPM has been leasing power to West Bengal for 30 years.

The number of Muslims in the police, other investigative agencies and the intelligence service is very low. Police investigation units operating in the states and states seem to be subordinating to the Hindutva agenda, amid fears of Muslim terrorism taking part in anti-Muslim riots and the mass encounter of fakely imprisoned Muslim youths with false charges. As a result, they are losing their credibility.

Adequate representation, equality before the law, and a proper role in the distribution and development of resources are all factors that make it possible to live as proud citizens. This is not something that can be donated or anticipated that someone will bring it to hand. Rather it is something that the people, who are automatically perceived and persecuted as having been deprived of their rights, must achieve through continuous struggles.

We are setting a milestone in the struggle for the rights of Muslims, the oppressed as well as other backward peoples that cannot be snatched away by the opposing forces through this wave of human union like the tide. This is history! It is the beginning of a new journey. There are centers that operate by tying the knot to create suspicion and panic among people about us.

Will the Popular Front be a political party?

Will the political party faction of the Popular Front come? Questions have arisen. All questions will definitely come to an end. An end will be put to all doubts. Only one thing is true. New responsibilities are coming on the shoulders of the Popular Front. The message has spread that Muslims and other oppressed communities must determine their own political role. They are not yet ready to give the game a standing ovation on the chessboard of many parties, deep and wide.

It is the imperative of the times that a new national political movement should emerge as a symbol of the self-confidence of the oppressed people. The historical duty of a new social movement is to stand at the forefront of society and to be a guide over time.

I declare with confidence in the people who repent to the Lord that the Popular Front of India will carry out its historic duty to bring to power the vulnerable majority in India, putting an end to the boredom created by the repetition of negative politics.

History is not about falling asleep; The constant is what needs to be brought back into operation.

Brethren! Activists! Let’s smash the piracy ships of modern Vasco da Gama! We will advance on the warship of the Kungali!  Together we will achieve the goal! Naya Caravan! Naya Hindusthan !!

Speech by the State President of the Popular Front Tamil Nadu

It was the Islamic Revolution that came through the coast of Kerala about 1300 years ago that breathed life into us and many citizens of this country; Brought freedom.

Similarly today the uprising of Muslims, Dalit community and minority people centered on this beach is the rise of this Popular Front of India Insha Allah who will create a new India on a new path.

Freedom, justice and security are guaranteed to all in the new India we want to create.

It is the Muslim community, which has been betrayed for more than 60 years since independence, and the Dalit community, who are no longer saying to these rulers, “Give me a privilege; Offer! “It’s our right!” You have to come forward to fight on your knees. ”

The Popular Front of India is ready to give life to this struggle.

The RSS is a threat to this nation. Terrorists! We call you! O RSS Terrorists! Your plan, the Hindu Rashtra, is against the sovereignty of this nation; It is against the secularism of the nation and the Constitution. So we declare that this is the mob that will destroying the criminal agenda of your Hindu Rashtra. (Insha Allah)

We would like to inform you that the development of this crowd will be a death knell for the Hindu Rashtra.
If there is no power then it is slavery so we have to come to power by responding to the negative politics that has been followed till date and adopting positive politics.

Eight state level movements joined the Popular Front

Merger Declaration 2009 Calicut

Following the Chairman’s speech, the Popular Front of India declared 8 movements as Merger Declaration.

  1. Goa’s – ‘Citizens Forum‘,
  2. Andhra Pradesh’s – ‘Association for Social Justice‘,
  3. Rajasthan’s – ‘Community for Social and Educational Forum‘,
  4. Kerala’s – National Development Front (NDF)‘,
  5. Tamilnadu’s – Manidha Needhi Pacharai (MNP)
  6. Karnataka’s – Karnataka Forum for Dignity (KFD)
  7. West Bengal’s – Nagarik Adhikar Suraksha Samiti ‘and
  8. Manipur’s’ – Lilang Social Forum’

have joined hands with the Popular Front. Adding strength to this modern social advancement and deciding the Internet to be its backbone, their representatives stood shoulder to shoulder.

Another important event of the conference was attended by former Chairman of the Popular Front and current National Executive Member E. Abubakar spoke in detail about the purpose of the conference and the future plans and ambitions of the Popular Front.

This was followed by All India Milli Council Chairman Maulana Azrarul Haqqasimi, Babri Masjid Rescue Committee Chairman Attorney Jafriab Geelani, Assam United Democratic Front Executive Chairman Hafiz Rashid Chaudhry, Milli Gazette Editor Dr Zafarul Islam Khan, Maulvi Sheikh Mohammad Tehlan Bhagwati, Popular Front Tamil Nadu leader Mohammad Ali Jinnah, Kerala leader VP Nasrudin, Karnataka President K. Abdul Latif made a special speech.

Declaration of Kozhikode

Pera is a member of the National Executive Committee of the Popular Front and the editor of the Tejas bi-monthly magazine. P. Koya and Popular Front National Vice President A. Sayeed issued the Calicut Declaration.

Our Constitution declares India to be a socialist secular democracy. The Government of India has now come a long way in making arrangements that endanger the fundamentals and policies of the country. The situation was created for foreign powers to interfere in the sovereignty of the country. The intervention of foreign experts in the day to day administration of our country makes us anxious. Global economic organizations. Hand in the policy positions of the country.

Businesses are losing money due to globalization and privatization.

Workers’ rights are being taken away. The government, which is interested in safeguarding the interests of foreign and domestic tenants, is moving ahead with measures to deceive the people. Environmental issues and the agricultural zone are neglected in disability development activities. Land and wealth and basic natural resources are being leased out to tenants. The citizens of the country are opposed to it. The government oppresses dissidents by falsely accusing them and enforcing harsh laws. Not only that but they also commit murder through fake encounter. Life-questioning farmers commit suicide.

The country also recognized imperialism in the wake of globalization and privatization and economic liberalization. The militants who could stand in front of the non-aligned organization have now become defenders of the wishes of the major powers. Racial, class and color discrimination continues to be strong in the country. Social justice laws are not enforced. The upper caste genius in government creates the opportunity for denial of rights and violation of the law.

The majority of the population is poor. India has the highest number of people living in poverty in the world. The unnoticed faces of the poor are hidden behind the growing number of millionaires in India. Interest, which is the accumulation of wealth and the cause of inflation and exploitation, must be removed from our economic zone. A situation should be created where the money goes from the present to the needy to the needy.

New political progress is essential for India, where the sovereignty of a country free of inequality and discrimination is not mortgaged. The influence exerted on the government by racist forces inside and outside the country weakened secularism.

The government is not taking action to stop the mass killings of Muslims in the country. Special power laws that do not exemplify criminals are generally enforced against the poor, especially the Dalit and Muslim communities.

The war on terror is the agenda of the United States. It is a political ploy shaped against those who fight against imperialism. There is also religious bigotry in its background.
Muslims are its victims. India supported it. The state machinery of the country was left to the implementation of the US-Israel plan. Suspicious bombings escalated after this contact. All political parties in India are responsible for this.

The great political Muslims of independent India were enslaved to humility. They thought that an independent political development was wrong.

National political parties that are eager to use Muslim votes do not allow them inside by making them equal partners. Law and order is not available in such atrocities. Muslims became addicted to panic when the government joined hands with racist forces. The piece that contained planned conspiracies to ensure the socio-economic destruction of Muslims. They imposed social slavery on the people by denying and ignoring basic needs. All political parties will be partners.

The Muslim Front movements must go down to the grassroots in the society and carry out activities for the uprising of the grassroots people. A sense of entitlement, a sense of movement and a sense of politics must be created.
The time has come for Muslims to push for political progress that includes all sections of the country who value democracy, secularism and socio-economic equality.

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