empower india conference

15-17 February 2007, Palace Grounds, Bangalore, Karnataka

The Empower India Conference held at Bangalore on 15,16,17 February 2007, was without hype a seminal event in the history of India’s Muslims. Groping in the dark for solace and security during the past few decades,  they are coming of age and coming out of slimy alleys of under development.

The Conference also marks a watershed in India’s history as it witnessed coming together of the oppressed and the underprivileged under a single banner. They have shown a determination to take control of their present and future. It was a confluence of people of different environs, faiths, cultures and the message was palpable: they can’t be taken for  granted.

The grand public meeting and the seminars, discussions and debates have underlined not only the range of their
problems but the search for solutions as well.

Conversation sessions

Conversation sessions were held simultaneously in separate halls on four topics to combat all forms of discrimination from 9.30am to 12.30pm. It was attended by eminent scholars of the country.

Human rights

The session was held at Shaheed Bahadur Shah Jafar Stadium. Hassan Mansour made a special speech.

“A country cannot move forward by ignoring a backward, minority population. All assigned people must unite. They must come forward to fight against the discrimination inflicted on them. The Popular Front must take the lead in carrying out this task, ”he said. Pera from Bangalore. Nagari Papaya, anti-Brahmin militant V.T. Rajasekar, writer and human rights activist Shiva Sundar took part in the discussion.

Legal protection

The session was held at the Shaheed Bhagat Singh Stadium. Muhammad Sharif delivered the speech.

“The main reason why ordinary people are denied justice for their ignorance of the law is that raising legal awareness is the only cure for these problems. The Popular Front has decided to set up an All India Bar Association to carry out this Himalayan initiative, ”he said. Lawyers from different states of the country took part in the discussion.


The discussion session on reservation was held at Syed Ahmad Shaheed Arena. Pera, President of the Thiruvananthapuram Muslim Association. M. Bashir chaired the debate. “Reservation is inevitable in Indian society. This means that reservation is necessary to strengthen our constitutional right to the backward classes, ”he said.

Dr. Arshikhan, Professor, Department of Political Science, Aligarh Muslim University; Rashid Bin Naya Khadi, Vice President, Karnataka Muslim Association; Ali, Karnataka Minority Education Organization President C.R. Muhammad Imtiaz addressed the debate.

Media intervention

Addressing the panel at the Shaheed Kunjali Maraikkayar Arena, Sadatullah Khan, editor of the English-language monthly Islamic Voice, based in Bangalore, said, “The Muslim community should pay more attention to the media.”

Speaking next, Zafarul Islam Khan, editor of the Delhi-based bi-monthly Milli Gazette English magazine, Zafarul Islam Khan, said: Muslims must come up with an alternative medium to deal with this. ”

National Seminar on Finding Alternatives to Progress and Strengthening

After the Luhr prayer and lunch break at 2.30 pm at the Dr. Ambedkar Arena (Development and Empowerment Quest for Alternatives) the National Seminar on Progress and Strength Alternatives began.

Popular Front General Secretary E.M. Abdur Rahman presided and hosted the event. Alan Hart, a leading journalist from London, made the remarks in his speech.

“The Palestinian issue is a cancer that has fallen at the heart of international events. I warn that India will act like Israel in this area if modern fascist imperialism in the United States succeeds.

There are two reasons why peace and justice cannot prevail in the Middle East. One is the spread of Zionism, Judaism and Judaism. It is intimidating the Arab world. Second, the Judeo-Christian treaty, built on ancient Zionist history, continues today.

Judaism is different; The Zionists (Jews) are trying to prove that Zionism is the same thing that people need to distinguish between the other two nationalities.

The Palestinian people are being deprived of their land and rights by the Jews. The Zionist state has no right to remain there unless they allow it. (It is a fact of history that it was only the Islamic Empire that allowed Jews to live in peace and comfort when they were expelled from all parts of the world).

Only through true democracy can Zionism be defeated by the trumpet of truth, the most powerful weapon.

I am very happy at this happy time when we are all together in the conference to build a strong India. The reason is that I am united with your good intentions and intentions.

If the bright opposite of your great nation is to be preserved, nothing but empowerment of all the citizens of the nation will be of any use. This work is now paramount. Only then can you discuss the domestic and foreign policies of the (Central Government) Governments (State Governments) which can create a true democracy and build a just and equitable Indian equation; We need to correct the mistakes that occur in it.

If true democracy is to flourish, citizens must be allowed to participate in and discuss the nation’s policy matters. We need to create a situation where the rulers of the country have to answer the questions of the people about the policy decisions that the nation takes.
Nowhere in the world is true democracy flourishing. Like other countries, Americans refuse to inform the public of their policy decisions; They refuse to strengthen those people: by doing so they refuse to establish democracy.

Your task is to strengthen India. But beyond this another chief task awaits. This is something that not only you, but the citizens of all nations must do. That is, strengthening the Palestinian people and building a genuine democracy for justice and peace in the Middle East must be the unraveling of the final stages of the tragic drama that Israel is initiating.

Strengthening is not the end of what we talk about today. Rather, it is a series of functions. Strengthening must first be announced to the people; That is, a series of campaigns must be carried out on it; After that people should be mobilized together. Strategies and plans must be devised for this; We need to create resources for this; People need to be integrated through organizations and movements. Only then is strengthening possible. ”

“It is heartbreaking that tens of thousands of farmers across the country are dying of debt and starvation as India seeks to assert its superpower status as it raises its military power,” said Pera, a member of the National Executive of the Popular Front and editor of the Kerala-based daily Tejas. B. Koya mentioned in his message sent to the conversation session that day.

Kerala-based historian and Dalit social liberation activist Dr. M.S. Jayaprakash said, “The Aryans have distorted all social history and created a new history to invade India. Dr. Ambedkar said that only by distorting history can a community be disintegrated. The Hindutva forces are doing just that, distorting the history of Muslims and Christians, especially religious minorities. ”

“Everyone’s thinking is controlled so that it cannot transcend Brahmanism. A state that no one can think beyond has been created by the primordial forces that have long prevented our country from progressing. Brahmins are not only controlling Hindu deities and Hinduism; They control every section of society and dominate like monarchs to the point where no one can question them.

Brahmanism has dominated Marxism over Communism and seized the leadership of Marxist organizations. Marxism is a re-enactment of Brahmanism, ”said V.D. Rajasekar mentioned.

Addressing the gathering, Father Periyar Dravidar Kazhaka General Secretary Viduthalai Rajendran said, “The denial of the rights of the Indian national minority here shows that it is riddled with paranoid thinking. Parbhani and Sanskrit have become Indian nationalities. This is something that needs to change, “said Zafar al-Islam Khan, editor of the Milli Gazette’s bi-monthly magazine,” The Role of Minorities in the National Structure. ” Pera from Bangalore under the title. Nagari Babaiya and Parvez Bari from Bhopal spoke on “The Need for Alternative Media”.

The second day of the conference featured a discussion program for social activists at 9.30am. Various social activists, journalists and human rights activists from different parts of the country including Delhi and Mumbai participated.

A special program titled “Challenges of Fascism and Karnataka” was held at 2.30 pm exclusively for the people of Karnataka. Mangalore University lecturer Pattabhirama Somaiyaji, Karnataka Komu Kouharta Vedike General Secretary K.L. Ashok, Writer (Columnist) Shiva Shankar, Director of Wardha Bharati Daily Yaseen Malpe, Journalist Pera from Davanagere. Chandra Sekara made a special speech.

Empower India Conference (17th Feb 2007) - Bangalore


The public meeting was held on the third day from 4pm to 9pm as the final day event. More than one lakh people from the three states of Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Karnataka participated and spoke about their social strength. General Secretary of the Popular Front E.M. Abdur Rahman performed the salute. In his Urdu speech, Abu Bakr stated:

Chairman of the Popular Front E. Abu Bakr

“The city where we are gathered today is named Shaheed Tipu Sultan Nagar. Shaheed Tipu Sultan was the one who fought till his death to liberate this country from the bondage of British imperialism and achieved the martyrdom of high and noble status.

An important proclamation is the reason for naming this city, which is hosting this huge convention of the Popular Front, as Shaheed Tipu Sultan Nagar!

All over the world today action is being taken against colonial domination and international terrorism. We stood on the first team and prepared to be martyred on that path.

Shaheed Tipu Sultan was the true symbol of the war against British imperialism on that day.

Are we, who can fight American terrorism today, ready to fight against a regime that is trembling with fear of American domination?

Perhaps if you are ready to fight against American barbarism, one thing is for sure

“The American-made gallows is facing your neck with a smile.”

Brethren! This conference is a proclamation for the unification of millions of Muslims and backward people who are subjected to injustice and injustice in India! A manifesto that fights for marginalized and oppressed people in society!

Injustice! Do not. O barbarians! “Manshata!” Stop! The heroic young people who sing that heroic song have been born.

Thousands of people are sitting in front of me. These people have the backbone to stand upright in front of everyone who can think anxiously for his policy, for his ideals, for those who have been wronged, for his country.

Tens of thousands in front of me! You are willing to sacrifice your life and possessions for others. But others act for themselves.

The number of suspects has increased since the birth of the Popular Front. Some doubt it is a political party?

We were born to talk politics, but to this day we have not developed into a political party. Why are Indian Muslims lagging behind in governance, power and politics? We will do a thorough study and submit our predictions to the public. We will finish its realities before the people.

Based on that, we hope that political movements with an ambition with a new political vision and power of thought will come to life.

Some call us the enemy of the Hindus. I say as the person in full charge of the Popular Front. We are not anti-Hindus.

Hinduism and Hindutva are two different things. Hindutva is a political policy based on absolute hatred of Muslims. And they spew poison that Muslims are unfit to live in India. Religion has taken hold of them. This is a fact known to most Hindus in this country! So how can we be anti-Hindu !?

It does not happen to us to see Mahatma Gandhi and his assassin from the same perspective. You can put a portrait of Savarkar with Gandhiji in Parliament but it will not happen to us.

We appeal to well-meaning Hindus. You should ignore the Hindutva policy of the RSS and isolate them from the Hindus!

Let me say one last thing. We must put an end to the conditions of begging and begging for justice and rights.

Instead, be prepared for a democratic struggle. We need to develop mechanisms for that. For this we can break all the existing grammatical rules.

I bear witness to this great people’s association sitting before us. Here! This minute! Time for a new turning point in history! The cry for the liberation and peace of the oppressed and backward people has been sounded! The new caravan is born!
The aim of the Popular Front is to ensure equal freedom, justice and security for all sections of the population. ”

This was followed by Maulana Mohammad Wali Rahmani, Secretary of the All India Muslim Private Law Board, Alan Hart, a well-known London-based anti-Zionist campaigner, and African sociologist living in the United States.

Gauri Langesh, Editor-in-Chief of Langesh Weekly Magazine, Bangalore; Abdur Rahman Bhagwati, State President, NDF; Sharif and Maulana Kalimullah Rashad, a member of the National Executive Committee of the Popular Front, made special remarks.

Nine resolutions were passed at the conference emphasizing various demands to build a stronger India.

The state president of the MNP, M.S. Mohammad Ali Jinnah, NDF State Vice President Advocate K.P. Mohammed Sharif and KFD Secretary Anees Ahmed presented the resolutions.
In conclusion, the Treasurer of the Popular Front A.M. Shafi thanked. The conference concluded at 9 p.m.

We will never back down from the hardships, sufferings and tragedies of trying to build a strong India; Insha Allah we will be the representatives of the masculinity of Indian Muslims; The people all dispersed from the conference as they vowed to travel on the new path from today onwards to create a new India.

Conference Resolutions!

  1. The conference calls on all to unite in the struggle against modern colonialism.
  2. The conference calls on the people to be prepared to defeat the brutal forms of Hindu fascism.
  3. The conference calls on the federal government to name the new airport in Bangalore after Tipu Sultan.
  4. The conference calls on the Central and State Governments to provide adequate reservation for Muslims in education and employment.
  5. The time has come for the marginalized communities of Muslims and Dalits to fight together and the conference calls on all to move quickly.
  6. The conference calls on the federal government to amend the laws to emphasize that the judiciary is the body responsible to the people.
  7. The conference calls on the Government of Karnataka to provide adequate share to all from the Cauvery River water.
  8. The conference calls on the people to rally against the saffronisation of Baba Puthangiri.
  9. The conference called on the government and the judiciary to take immediate action to speed up the construction of the Babri Masjid, which was demolished by the fascists, and hand it over to Muslims.