Office Raid- Part of Wider Conspiracy: Popular Front

Kozhikkode: There is wider conspiracy behind the ongoing raids in offices and houses of Popular Front of India activists, in the wake of assault on controversial professor at Thodupuzha New Man’s College who is accused in a blasphemy case, alleged state leaders. This is first time in the history of Kerala state to raid state headquarters of an organization in connection with a local incident, said Nasaruddeen Elamaram, state president, Popular Front of India.
There were several incidents of this kind in Kerala before. But there were no such widespread raids in the offices and houses. This is not a silly thing. There is wide conspiracy behind it. There is a concerted attempt to destroy Popular Front of India, which is gaining wide popularity among the people of India, irrespective of their cast and creed, he alleged.
Popular Front has always cooperated with police and other authorities in enforcing law and order. What is going on now in the wake of Moovattupuzha incident is nothing but the attempt to terrorise minority society and marginalize them even more by spreading rumors and fake allegations.
He also warned the state authorities that Popular Front will organize widespread protest against this kind of state terrorism.
It was yesterday Popular Front state office at Kozhikkode and other district and local level offices and houses of its activists were raided state wide under the cover of investigation in to the attack on controversial professor. Though the police could finf nothing from there but the pamphlets and CDs open programs like Freedom Parade of August 15 and public meetings and speeches, the police and media are spreading rumors about it as if there are antinational contents in it.
Offices of the newly formed political organization, Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI) and Campus Front of India were also raided.

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