Baseless allegations of UP government are sensational news devoid of facts: Popular Front

New Delhi: The new rounds of allegation against Popular Front are nothing but an attempt by the Uttar Pradesh government to divert the attention away from its failure to handle the Hathras rape case. UP under Yogi has become a jungle raj where law and order is completely collapsed. Earlier it was the minorities who felt unsafe in UP but now the Dalits and women are also unsafe in the state.

The attempt to link Popular Front by alleging a conspiracy to incite caste or communal violence is completely baseless and ridiculous. A sensational news was created by arresting 4 people who were on the way to meet the victim’s family. Of the 4 arrested, 2 were leaders of a student’s organization CFI and another person Siddik Kappan is a journalist and secretary of the Kerala Union of Working Journalist. The journalist body has also condemned his illegal arrest and moved to the Supreme Court against the illegal arrest.

These arrests prove that in UP even intending to meet the family of the victims is a crime. After the arrests new stories are being ranging from foreign funding of crores of rupees and an international conspiracy to defame the Yogi government. It should be remembered that during the anti-CAA protest the same UP police had alleged that Popular Front’s UP state ad hoc committee members are the mastermind of the violence but failed miserably in the court and everyone were released on bail. Even the allegation of Popular Front involvement in the Delhi riots turned out to be an embarrassment for the Delhi Police when the 2 state leaders arrested by the Delhi police of fake charges were released by the court within 1 day. As of now no one related to Popular Front is under arrest in Delhi or in UP related to the violence which itself is a proof that the entire allegations were fabricated. Even the much-hyped NIA and ED findings turned out to be pieces of unnamed papers which did not have any credibility. Time and again the agencies controlled by the BJP government have tried to defame Popular Front but everything turned out to be just diversion tactics.

The current round of allegations are a product of a machinery led by the central government to save the face of the UP government. As the previous outcome we are sure that these new ridiculous and imaginary allegations will also fall on its face when the police will be asked to provide evidence. Unfortunately, the media which is sensationalizing the allegations goes into silent mode when the allegations turn out to be fake. We hope the media will show a different response when the UP police fails to prove its claims.