Popular Front condemns the illegal arrest of CFI leaders by UP Police

New Delhi: The arrest of Atiqur Rahman, Masood who are office bearers of students’ organization CFI along with journalist Siddik Kappan is highly deplorable. The team was heading to Hathras to meet the family of the rape victim. The illegal arrest shows that in UP under the Yogi government even intending to meet family of victims is now considered as a crime. To hide the failed law and order situation in UP the BJP government has also tried to link Popular Front of India (PFI) to the protests that are happening across the country.

The UP Police is trying to divert the attention of the issue by creating a conspiracy theory. Such acts only shows their nervousness due to the growing anger among the people of UP and rest of the country. Popular Front will not be intimidated by such tactics of suppression by the UP gov’t. We demand immediate release of the CFI leaders and journalist Siddik Kappan.