India should not support French intolerance to minorities and humiliation of Muslims

New Delhi: Popular Front of India Chairman O M A Salam has, in a statement, urged India government not to support French intolerance to religious minorities in the country and its humiliation of Muslim beliefs.

What we see in France is alarming rise of intolerance towards its minorities and weaker sections, especially its Muslim citizens, their beliefs and cultural practices. Both the physical attacks against them on the streets and racial humiliation in the mass media are its manifestation. Unfortunately, instead of addressing these malaises plaguing the French society, the French government has decided to encourage them under the pretext of protecting freedom of speech, without any foresight. Simultaneously, France has unleashed police on innocent Muslims and restrictions are being imposed on their religious observance. Masjids were shut down in the country and Muslim charity organizations are being targeted in the name of crackdown on ‘terrorism’. This is a situation the world should unanimously condemn. Sadly, India has ignored these facts and chosen to support Macron government. This stand taken by a country that is home to a large portion world’s Muslims and has thousands of years of history with Muslim world is an unfortunate deviation from its values.

Popular Front calls upon India government to reconsider its decision and call out French government harassment of its minorities and the Islamophobic policy of the French state.