Popular Front extends support to farmers’ protests; calls for struggle to preserve constitution

New Delhi: In a statement issued today, Popular Front Chairman O M A Salam extended his organization’s support to Delhi Chalo March being taken out by farmers’ organizations against the newly enacted farm laws. Salam also asked people to come forward to protect the constitution, which is under threat from fascist forces.

Modi government has made plight of Indian farmers worse through the newly enacted laws and exposed its anti-poor and anti-people crony capitalist face. Unless the grievances of the farmers are not heard by the government it will soon become the grievance of the entire nation. Therefore every citizen of the country is duty-bound to support these peaceful and democratic agitations. In BJP ruled Haryana, police are trying to prevent their onward march using violent measures and arresting leaders. This must be deplored in strongest terms. Popular Front extends its support to the agitations and stands by the demands of the farmers.”

“The country is celebrating its constitutional day today at a critical juncture. The constitution is being attacked both implicitly and explicitly. While the right wing Hindu forces demands openly that the constitution be replaced by their Manu Smriti, more dangerous form of attack comes in the form of new draconian laws that take away people’s fundamental rights and undermine the very foundations of the constitution. Innocent people belonging to unprivileged and powerless sections of the society have already started suffering the consequences. Innocents are now being imprisoned for their political stances and views opposed to the government. Peaceful protests and democratic agitations are becoming crimes and sedition. Time has come for the citizens of the country, irrespective of their differences, to put up a united struggle to preserve the constitution.”