Delhi Riots: Charge sheet against activists part of the vendetta: Popular Front

New Delhi: Popular Front Chairman O M A Salam has stated that the Delhi Police investigation of the North East Delhi riots is a hoax and the charge sheet filed in the court is part of the political vendetta against activists and student leaders participated in anti-CAA anti-NRC agitations.

People have seen what happened in North East Delhi and the charge sheet filed by Delhi police and the Sangh Parivar lies will not make the truth go away. The violence and the killings happed in North East Delhi were planned, instigated, and executed by Sangh Parivar. Police helped it. Even the official reports certifies the victims were mostly Muslims. The evidence are everywhere that of Sangh Parivar leaders and groups openly calling for violence against innocent women and children taking part in the agitations at Shaheen Bagh and other parts of the city. When criminals brandishing guns attacked the peaceful protestors in Shaheen Bagh, police watched as mute spectators. BJP leader Kapil Mishra’s instigation against nonviolent protests in Jafrabad triggered the violence. Multiple fact findings held into the riot reported that men, armed with guns, swords, and iron rods, came from neighboring states and attacked, looted and killed innocent people. Now what Delhi police is doing in the name of investigation is fabricating evidence to falsely implicate leaders of anti-CAA agitations as per the cues from their masters in Sangh Parivar. The UAPA and other draconian charges against student activists like Omar Khalid and Sharjeel Imam make a mockery of the criminal justice system in the country. While right wing media celebrate the 930 page charge sheet, we are hopeful that these lies will not succeed in an independent court of law and the innocents will walk to their freedom.