UP Govt affidavit malicious attempt to disrupt freedom to innocents: Popular Front

New Delhi: Popular Front of India national secretary Muhammad Shakif has stated that UP government affidavit was a malicious attempt to disrupt freedom to innocents.

The affidavit filed by UP govt against the bail plea of Siddique Kappan exposes the pattern how UP government traps innocents and go to any lengths to keep them behind bars. Its claim that Kappan was Popular Front office secretary is an outright lie. He had never been a secretary in any Popular Front office. Even if the claims were true, that doesn’t justify UP police action and UAPA against the innocents. Being office secretary of Popular Front or any other lawfully working organization, travelling to UP with Popular Front members and visiting a rape victim’s family are no reasons to deny fundamental rights to a citizen. What UP government doing to these innocents is allowed to continue, that will make the country a graveyard of human rights.

Popular Front hopes that the courts will see through these lies and end UP government’s abuse of power against innocents and democratic dissent.