Laws against ‘Love Jihad’ will eliminate religious freedom, will become tool to oppress innocent Muslims: Popular Front

New Delhi: Popular Front Chairman O M A Salam has stated that laws proposed by BJP ruled states against ‘Love Jihad’ is nothing but a covert attempt to eliminate religious freedom in the country. It will prove to be a tool to oppress innocent Muslims.

Despite volumes of evidence and investigation reports that there is no such thing as ‘Love Jihad’, for over a decade Sangh Pariwar has continued to use the malicious anti-Muslim propaganda to polarise communities and political discourse in the country. While it helped BJP electorally and to divert people’s attention from their failures, the damage it is causing to Indian society is irreparable. It has and still continues to spark violence against Muslim community. Now the BJP governments in Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Haryana, and Karnataka are going to Enact laws against ‘Love Jihad’. This is a covert attempt to eliminate religious freedom held sacrosanct by the constitution. Once such laws are enected, what are considered fundamental rights, people’s right to martial and religious choices, will become punishable offences. ‘Love Jihad’ will become a pretext send Muslims marrying non-Muslims behind bars. There is also inherent misogyny in the Love Jihad propaganda. Obviously, such laws will become an excuse for the state to interfere in constitutionally guaranteed rights and autonomy of women.

Popular Front demands the secular forces in the country to abandon their silence and come out to resist Sangh Pariwar attempts for such racist, Islamophobic and anti-woman, anti-constitutional laws.