Bihar results a wakeup call to secular parties: Popular Front

New Delhi: Popular Front Chairman O M A Salam has, in statement, remarked that 2020 Bihar Assembly Election results is wake up call to country’s mainstream secular parties.

Bihar election results is yet another example of how mainstream secular parties like Congress continue to make same mistakes expecting different results. The party has proved that it can’t be an alternative to the anti-Muslim, anti-people fascist politics of BJP. Grave concerns of Muslims, CAA, NRC, Muslim political representation etc, weren’t even raised in their campaign. National parties like Congress, while taking Muslim votes for granted, couldn’t gain people’s hearts minds building a strong secular narrative against polarising campaigns of Sangh Parivar. Rather they are seen playing soft Hindutva to lure BJPs Hindu vote bank. These parties badly need to do a reality check now. Instead, after the results came out, they were quick to blame minority parties for their own failures.

It’s a matter of hope that Muslim electoral response showed a radical shift. The 5 seats won by AIMIM is a clear message in it for parties who traditionally viewed Muslims as a default vote bank. Muslim votes can no longer be taken for granted and that they have to earn it. What the community is telling is that winning their votes without giving them any meaningful representation or without giving any space to Muslim parties will not be tolerated any more.

Popular Front would like to make it clear that the results are a wakeup call to secular parties. If secular parties learn their lessons from it, there is, of course, future for a Secular India.