National Women’s Front wishes every individual a very happy Independence day.

India celebrates its 70th Independence day as it attained Independence from the British rule on August 15,1947 the struggle for Independence was a long and arduous battle during which only two weapons were used truth and non-violence but what we see in today’s scenario people are way away from these two words the very meaning of the word Independence seems to have lost nowdays,we see a lot of hatred, unjust behaviour,a lot of violence,intolerence,etc prevailing in our country which seems to be impossible to tolerate.India ,our country is free from British rule but some of us are misusing it’s Independence in all the possible ways ,Now India is in the hands of powerful Indian citizens like us who wish to celebrate each day as being independent as it comes.
Hence National Women’s Front continuous to make its voices and actions strong and strive to see an independent India where every individual is given their respective right ,we do believe in retaining the democracy of our country which is by the people,of the people ,for the people and we will try to succeed to stand by it and to attain total empowerment so, come let’s join hands in standing strong and making everyone believe in the true meaning of Independence.
Freedom in the mind,faith in the words.Pride in our souls let’s salute the nation,have a free and a united Independence day

National Women’s Front