National Womens Conference – Resolutions

National Womens Conference – Resolutions

Friday, August 14th, 2009

2009 February 15
Beegum Hazrat Mahal Nagar (Calicut Beach)

Resolution 1: Women to be Partners in the Resistance against Fascism

The National Women’s Conference calls up on all women to become partners in the fight against Hindutwa fascism and disruptive forces as they are the first victims of such anti-national and subversive forces. It is the basic responsibility of the state and central governments to take immediate and fruitful steps for rehabilitation and compensation to victims of the riots. It is also necessary that the administration prosecutes the people who plan and engineer riots and punishes the culprits involved. The double standard adopted by the administrators when dealing with incidents of similar nature intensifies social hatred and violence. For instance the Maharashtra Govt. was prompt in arresting and punishing the people behind the Mumbai blasts as they allowed the leaders of the previous anti-Muslim riots to go scot-free. This meeting calls upon the administration to desist from such discriminatory acts.


Resolution 2: Stop the Atrocities against Women and Children

The National Women’s Conference expresses its deep concern at the increasing sexual or other atrocities against women and children in the country.

The capitalist culture is instrumental in fanning out over indulgence and immorality and it has women mere showpieces. Soft porn films, TV serials beauty contests and scandalous celebrations imported from west like Valentines Day have increased the number of sexual attacks. It is not a good sign that even young children are allowed to use mobile cameras and internet with out parental supervision.

There are laws to stop attacks on women and children. But the lethargic approach of the administration to the implementation of laws also helps spread the attacks. This meeting appeals to the civil society to open their eyes to these dangerous trends and the socio-religious organisations to effectively intervene to stop them.


Resolution 3: Stop the Hike in Prices

The National Women’s Conference observes that every day life has become unbearable due to unprecedented rise in the price of essential goods and appeals to the governments to take urgent measures to make essential commodities available to the common man at reasonable rates. The economic downturn is hitting the common people the hardest

The first victims of the rise in prices are the women. The tendency to borrow against imaginary or non existing assets is on the increase as a result of the impact of consumerism and simple selfishness. This conference of women observes that as the first victims women have also the responsibility to develop the culture of self-sufficiency and thrift using indigenous crops and vegetables and through backyard gardens and return to traditional food articles we haven give up as old fashioned. The Conference also reminds the women and the common public that retaking the kitchen forms the part resistance against neo –colonial incursions